List of Things to be Grateful for

List of Things to be Grateful for

Tomorrow’s Sunday and we’ll get to do all the fun stuff that we usually do on Sundays like taking our kids to places they like, like having a nice lunch / dinner at our favorite restaurants, like meeting up with friends etc. Everyday can be a Sunday day too. If we believe it to be so.

We all have so much to be thankful for, no matter what is the circumstances of our lives. If we reflect on the things in our lives, we will be able to see many things that should be grateful for. Many of these things may seem thrivial compared to our seemingly pressing wants. But what we want is not necessarily what we really need. If we focus on what we really need rather than what we want (our wants are mostly the gratification of material possessions), we will see that we have had a bountiful harvest and have much to be thankful for. The best way for us to measure our true “wealth” is to write down all the things we should be grateful for and all the things we don’t have and therefore should be “grateful” for. A sort of “Assets” and “Liabilities” test. If we go through our list, we will see the greater value of true wealth compared to the transitional and often fleeting values of what we want.

Here is What some people say about being Grateful and Positive:

  • “Gratitude is our most direct line to God and the angels. If we take the time, no matter how crazy and troubled we feel, we can find something to be thankful for”. – Terry Lynn Taylor
  • “Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery. Today is a Gift. That is Why We Call it the ‘Present’ “Eugénie des Alpages.
  • “I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” G. K. Chesterton
  • “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – W. Clement Stone.

To give you a Kick Start, I made up a list of things I should be grateful for. A sort of Happiness Index. Why don’t you do one for yourself? When you have done your own Happiness Index with a positive frame of mind, chances are you will see how fortunate you are. If everybody did an audit on the things they should to be thankful for, we could perhaps increase the Happiness Index throughout the world. So this is . . . . . .

My List of Things to be Grateful for:

  • For Being Able to Wake Up at Any Time I Choose.
  • For Being Able to Laugh at the Silly Things I’ve done.
  • For the Chance to Celebrate another Birthday.
  • For the Reassurance of Family Ties.
  • For the Power of Prayer.
  • For the Release of Closure and Moving On.
  • For the Opportunity to Pay the Price and Make My Dream Come True.
  • For the Fulfillment of Motherhood.
  • For Getting a “Thank You” from Someone.
  • For the Love Lost and the Love Won.
  • For Every Setback that Made Me Stronger.
  • For the Courage to be Persistent but Not Overbearing.
  • For the Feel of the Wind and the Smell of the Rain.
  • For the Promise of all My Tomorrows.
  • For Being Able to Keep in Touch through the Internet.
  • For the Will to Excel and Getting Others to Excel too.
  • For the Knowledge to Help People Make Money rather than Giving Them Cash.
  • For the Courage to Admit When I’m Wrong.
  • For Not Being too Proud to Learn New Things.
  • For Not Being Embarrassed for Who I Am.
  • For a Cool Night Under the Stars.
  • For Having a Nice, Warm Bed to Sleep in.
  • For Being Able to Learn New Things Each and Everyday.
  • For the Smile I Received.
  • For the Help I Got.
  • For the Food I Ate Today.
  • For My Favorite Drink.
  • For a Roof Over My Head.
  • For Peace in the World and Peace of Mind.
  • For Freedom of Every Kind.
  • For the Joy of Positive Music.
  • For the Motivational Books.
  • For Movies of Good Values.
  • For the Gift of Overcoming My Fears and Failures.
  • For Never Replaying Mental Images of Disappointments and Regrets.
  • For the Bliss of Going On-Stage and Delivering My Speech.
  • For the Deliverance in Being Able to Forgive and Forget.
  • For the Happiness of Helping Others.
  • For the Rewards of Good Health.
  • For the Love of My Loved Ones.
  • For Having Good Friends and Relatives I Can Rely On.
  • For Strangers Who Will Become My Friends Tomorrow.
  • For the Gift of Sight.
  • For a Good Pair of Arms and Legs.
  • For Standing Up when I Stumble and Fall.
  • For Being Able to Stand Up for My Rights.
  • For Being Able to Reflect on My Greatest Weakness, and Realize how it is My Greatest Strength.
  • For the Ability to Think and Act.
  • For Being Able to Recognize Long Term Benefits and Values.
  • For the Bounty of Happiness.
  • For Not Sweating over the Small Stuff.
  • For the Payoffs of Time Management.
  • For the Joy of Sharing My Life Story with Others.
  • For the Fulfillment of Mentoring.
  • For Being Able to Spend Money without Counting the Cost.
  • For Saving Enough Money for a Rainy Day.
  • For Having Sufficient Investments in My Retirement Account.
  • For Being Able to Support Worthwhile Charities.
  • For Good Weather and Clean Air.
  • For the Sun – the source of all our energy.
  • For all the Good Things I have Done in My Life.
  • For the Great Many Things I am Going to Do Tomorrow.
  • For Living the Dream.
  • For Being an Open, Caring and Sharing Person.
  • For Not Giving Up.
  • For Being Able to See the Good and the Value in other People.
  • For the Opportunity to Stand on Top of a Mountain.
  • For Seeing the Positive in a Negative World.
  • For the Blessings of a Great Career and Business.
  • For Being in a High Growth Industry.
  • For Being Able to Help Others Start a New Business.
  • For Keeping My Cool Today.
  • For Not Taking Myself Too Seriously.
  • For the Opportunity of Doing Something New.
  • For Being Able to Finish What I Started.
  • For Being Able to Cry when I’m Happy.
  • For Being Able to just Be Myself.
  • For Having a Nice Warm Bath.
  • For Being Able to Cruise in My Car.
  • For Being Able to take annual Vacations in Interesting & Exotic Places.
  • For Qualifying for Many Awards and Conventions.
  • For All the Mistakes I Made, which made me none the wiser.
  • For Knowing the Difference between Gratitude, Thankfulness, Appreciation, Perspective and Joy, and the Wisdom to Give it.
  • For the Incomparable Beauty of Being Unique.
  • For Being True to Myself.
  • For All The Little Blessings I Take For Granted.
  • For My Sense of Humor.
  • For My Goals, My Hopes and My Dreams.
  • For My Faith in Myself.
  • For Every Breath I Take.
  • For Living in an Blue Oasis encircled by the Infinitesimal Voidness of Space.
  • For the Unseen Force that Guides Me.

When I think of new things to be grateful for, I will add them to the top of the list.
Make Your Own List of Things To Be Grateful For. Make Your Happiness Index Long, Make it Personal, and please do Share it with the World.

Watch YouTube video: The Gratitude Dance


So, here is the List of Things you have to do:

  1. Make a List of the Things To Be Grateful For
  2. Turn on the Video
  3. Do the Gratitude Dance Every Single Day!
  4. Spread the Message
  5. Share Your List.

The World is Waiting . . . . .

More Things To Be Grateful For.

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