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Below is the list of foods defined by their Acidic or Alkaline Properties which can make the body acidic or alkaline.  Alkaline foods helps to keep your body in optimal health and disease-free according to recent studies whereas people with high acidic levels are usually of poor health.

The pH scale is from 0 to 14, with numbers below 7 acidic and numbers above 7 alkaline. This chart is intended only as a general guide to alkalizing and acidifying foods.

This list of Alkaline and Acidic Foods are not exhaustive but it is a good starting point for those serious about embarking on the road to good health – the natural and traditional way – which have been proven through generations of experience:

Strongly acidic food:

pH 5.0 to 5.5 5.0 artificial sweeteners, beef, carbonated soft drinks & fizzy drinks, cigarettes (tailor made), drugs, flour (white wheat), goat, lamb, pastries & cakes from white flour, pork, sugar (white), beer, brown sugar, chicken, deer, chocolate, coffee, custard with white sugar, jams, jellies, liquor, pasta (white), rabbit, semolina, table salt refined & iodized, tea black, turkey, wheat bread, white rice, white vinegar (processed).

Acid producing activities/emotions: overwork, anger, fear, jealousy & stress

Mildly acidic food:

pH 6.0 to 6.5 6.0 cigarette tobacco (roll your own), cream of wheat (unrefined), fish, fruit juices with sugar, maple syrup (processed), molasses (sulphured), pickles (commercial), breads (refined) of corn, oats, rice & rye, cereals (refined), shellfish, wheat germ, whole wheat foods, wine, yogurt (sweetened) 6.5 bananas (green), buckwheat, cheeses (sharp), corn & rice breads, egg whole (cooked hard), ketchup, mayonnaise, oats, pasta (whole grain), peanuts, potatoes (with no skins), popcorn (air-popped not microwave- with salt & butter), rice (basmati), rice (brown), soy sauce (commercial), tapioca, wheat bread (sprouted organic).

Weakly acidic to neutral food:

pH 7.0 7.0 barley malt syrup, barley, bran, cashews, cereals (unrefined with honey-fruit-maple syrup), cornmeal, cranberries, fructose, honey (pasteurized), lentils, macadamias, maple syrup (unprocessed), milk and most dairy products, molasses (unsulphured organic, nutmeg, mustard, pistachios, popcorn & butter (plain), rice or wheat crackers (unrefined), rye (grain), rye bread (organic sprouted), seeds(pumpkin & sunflower), walnuts, blueberries, brazil nuts, butter (salted), cheeses (mild & crumbly), crackers (unrefined rye), dried beans (mung, adzuki, pinto, kidney, garbanzo), dry coconut, egg whites, goats milk, olives (pickled), pecans, plums, prunes, spelt.

Weakly alkaline to neutral food:

pH 7.0 7.0 almonds, artichokes (jerusalem), barley-malt (sweetener-bronner), brown rice syrup, brussel sprouts, cherries, coconut (fresh), cucumbers, egg plant, honey (raw), leeks, miso, mushrooms, okra, olives ripe, onions, pickles, (home made), radish, sea salt, spices, taro, tomatoes (sweet), vinegar (sweet brown rice), water chestnut amaranth, artichoke (globe), chestnuts (dry roasted), egg yolks (soft cooked), essene bread, goat’s milk and whey (raw), horseradish, mayonnaise (home made), millet, olive oil (not cooked and extra virgin), quinoa, rhubarb, sesame seeds (whole) sprouted grains, tempeh (only fermented soy products), tomatoes (less sweet).

Alkalizing spices & seasonings incolude chili pepper – cinnamon – curry – ginger – herbs (all) – miso – mustard – Himalayan rock crystal salt – tamari

Alkalizing Other- alkaline antioxidant water, bee pollen, fresh fruit juice, green/veggie juices, lecithin granules, mineral water molasses, blackstrap, probiotic cultures, soured dairy products

Alkalizing Minerals– calcium: pH 12 – cesium: pH 14 – magnesium: pH 9 – potassium: pH 14 – sodium: pH 14

Alkaline producing activities/emotions: meditation, prayer, peace, happiness, kindness, love neutral pH 7.0 – healthy body saliva pH range is between 6.4 to 6.8 (on your pH test strips) butter (fresh unsalted), cream (fresh & raw), margarine, milk (raw cow’s), whey (cow’s), yogurt (plain).

Mildly alkaline food:

pH 7.5 to 8.0 8.0 apples (sweet), apricots, alfalfa sprouts 9, arrowroot, flour , avocados, bananas (ripe), berries, carrots, celery, currants, dates & figs (fresh), garlic, gooseberry, grapes (less sweet), grapefruit, guavas, herbs (leafy green), lettuce (leafy green), nectarine, peaches (sweet), pears (less sweet), peas (fresh sweet), persimmon, pumpkin (sweet), sea salt (vegetable) , spinach 7.5 apples (sour), bamboo shoots, beans (fresh green), beets, bell pepper, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, carob, daikon, ginger (fresh), grapes (sour), kale, kohlrabi, lettuce (pale green), oranges, parsnip, peaches (less sweet), peas (less sweet), potatoes & skin, pumpkin (less sweet), raspberry, sapote, strawberry, squash, sweet corn (fresh), tamari, turnip, vinegar (apple cider).

Strongly alkaline food:

pH 8.5 to 9.0 9.0 lemons , watermelon 8.5 agar agar , cantaloupe, cayenne (capsicum) , dried dates & figs, kelp, karengo, kudzu root, limes, mango, melons, papaya, parsley, seedless grapes (sweet), watercress, seaweeds, asparagus, endive, kiwi fruit, fresh unsweetened fruit juices, grapes (sweet), passion fruit, pears (sweet), pineapple, raisins, umeboshi plum, fresh vegetable juices.


There are several versions of the Acidic and Alkaline Food chart to be found in different books and on the Internet. The following foods are sometimes attributed to the Acidic side of the chart and sometimes to the alkaline side. Remember, you don’t need to adhere strictly to the alkaline side of the chart. Just be sure a good percentage of the foods you eat come from that side.

Asparagus, brazil nuts, brussel sprouts, buckwheat, chicken, corn, cottage cheese, eggs, flax seeds green tea, herbal tea, honey, kombucha, lima beans, maple syrup, milk, nuts, organic milk (unpasteurized), potatoes, white, pumpkin seeds, sauerkraut, soy products, sprouted seeds, squashes, sunflower seeds, yogurt are better choices.

Choose alkaline foods for good health.

Make the list your guide to optimal health by priming your alkaline levels with healthy alkaline foods.

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