It all starts with a dream. Everything starts with a dream by Nancy Long
Have you ever thought about the question:
Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life?
Is there really a dream I can live out in my life?

Everything in life starts with a dream.

You cannot do it if you cannot imagine it.
So Never stop dreaming, Never stop Imagining.

You are never too old to dream, IMAGINE. What do you see?
Older people have a tendency of not being able to dream big as much as when they were a kid. The lack of presence of a dream is due to a life time of conditioning to think “realistically”. Instead of being realistic, be creative. Look way beyond the possible. Look at the Impossible even. When you are realistic, you rob yourself the power and energy to do great things.

Before you can see from the outside, you must be able to see it in the inside. You got to expand your Inner Vision.

Don't take the easy way out. Everything starts with a dream
Don’t take the easy way out. Everything starts with a dream


When you’ve got a great dream, you will get a great life. Why would you ever want to settle for an easy life when you can get a great life?

Why do you need a big dream? Because a BIG dream will stretch your ability beyond what you thought would be possible.   Life is too short to be small.

Small dreams will give you small breakthroughs. Big dreams, on the other hand, will give you big breakthroughs. Why walk if you can fly?

If your horizon is limited, you cannot see far and you cannot go far.
Explore the possibility of life without limits. To accomplish great things, we must not only Act but also Dream, not only Plan but also Believe in all of life’s infinite possibilities.

Dream the colours of the rainbow. Look for the sunshine. Look up for your stars in the sky. You can’t see your stars under bright lights. Step away from the daily grind. Look for your stars from within. Let your mind illustrate your dreams and manifest itself. Let that which was hidden come out into the light. Let your light shine brightly for all to see.

Don’t be restricted by your shortcomings. Don’t settle for low hanging fruit. Stretch way beyond your imagination and capabilities.

When you have a big dream, your mind will build its sub-conscious character into your life. It will build your Faith, Persistence, Self-Control and Resilience. It will chase the boredom in your life. A dream will wake you up.

A dream is meant to be risky. Risky = Rewards. You have to be strong to take risks. Being fragile means that you want take the easy way out. “Easy” has very little rewards. Walk on the upside. The well travelled road is crowded with people going nowhere.

Everything left on its own will deteriorate by itself. So keep your dream alive by making plans to turn them into action. Some are big steps, some are small steps. Whatever it is, keep on moving ever forward.

A fear of failure stops us from dreaming. The only people who never fail are the people who never tried. TRY!  Failure is not fun – but it is not final either.

A dream can bring out the best in you. It can transform you from inside out.

You are only free if you can dream an amazing dream that can come true.


By Izmael Arkin

  • You’ve always wanted to do this.
  • You’ll experience things you never could have imagined.
  • You will become courageous.
  • You will become an inspiration to those around you.
  • You will realize the incredible things you are capable of doing.
  • You will like yourself more.
  • Life will become beautiful.
  • Your joy and happiness will become contagious.
  • You will connect on a deeper level with the force of the universe.
  • You will smile more.
  • It will give meaning to everything you do.
  • The food will taste better.
  • Every day you will learn new things.
  • Your happiness will show on your face.
  • You will love being around you.

Everything starts with a dream. Everyone needs a dream. So start chasing your dream today. Start focussing on how to achieve your dream. Create a dream program of abundance.


1. Surrender yourself completely to the dream. Spend a quiet time with yourself. Open your mind to unlimited creativity. Listen with your heart. Listen to your sub-Conscious Mind. Only you can forget your dream. Never lose sight of your dream. Post your dream illustrations / dream board where you can see it every day. Question your purpose in life. Hold on to your dream as if your life depends on it.

In your head you have two voices – one with a positive perspective and another with a negative perspective. Turn up the positive voice and turn down the negative one – by re-framing the thought. Example: “I can’t find anyone who is interested in my product” to “There are lots of people interested in my product. Where are they likely to be?”

2. What are your Strengths / Gifts / Passion? And how can I use it? Dreams begin in your heart. Create great value for others and for yourself. Wealth will follow as wealth is the value you create for others. Your inspiring and compelling vision of the future engages your subconscious mind which works millions times faster than your conscious mind. When your subconscious is switched on, you will invent amazing things and gain amazing insights effortlessly.

3. Keep your eyes on your dream team. Keep company with people who will help you hold on to your dream. Who will pull you up when you are down and out. Your support team will help you through obstacles, hardships and pain. Don’t let anyone steal your dream. Your life situation is temporary. Your dream is universal and timeless. Don’t let it die. Keep the fire burning deep inside of you.

When you’ve got your Dream  (your life’s purpose) get to work. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it. Be Unstoppable! It’s your Gift. Start dreaming. Everything starts with a dream.

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