I was shocked when I read this CHI Best Protein QUALITY Chart
All along I thought I was eating “healthy“.

Luckily for me, I have had a new priority shopping list (since last year) when I replaced some of the highly acidic foods I’ve been eating with Isagenix’s IsaLean and IsaPro Whey Protein shakes. It has helped me lose weight in the beginning (12kg). But now, it is helping me stay healthy and gain lean muscle so I don’t look like an old woman even though I’m in my 60s.

What is even more satisfying is that I am not spending extra money as I’m replacing unhealthy acidic and even toxic foods with healthy foods (at least once a day). Yup, Isagenix is food!

So if you seriously want to stay healthy, it is time to change to the best protein quality food that money can buy. We are deluding ourselves when we say that we are eating “healthy” when we buy food from restaurants and supermarkets (see chart).

You are what you eat. So here’s to a healthier you.

Image best protein food chart CHI
best protein food chart CHI

Protein Differences

Whey Protein 

This protein from milk is a by-product of cheese making. About 20% of the protein in milk is whey and 80% is casein.


  1. Whey is the highest quality protein, better than all other animal proteins.
  2. Digests fast; won’t leave you feeling full.
  3. Supports immune health from certain protein components.
  4. High in BCAAs (branched chain amino acids), important for bodybuilders and dieters since BCAAs can be used for fuel, potentially sparing muscle tissue.
  5. Good for lactose-sensitive people.


  1. Because it digests fast, it won’t keep you satisfied for very long.
  2. Lower in naturally occurring glutamine than milk (casein) proteins, which is why glutamine is added to some formulas.

Milk Protein (Casein)

Casein is the predominant protein in milk. For example, the protein in cheese and cottage cheese is casein. Sometimes called calcium-, sodium- or potassium-caseinate.


  1. This ‘slow’ digesting protein keeps you full longer since it must form a gel during digestion before it is absorbed. This slower transit time may extend the exposure of the protein in the intestines and may help increase absorption.
  2. Has a naturally high glutamine content, higher than whey, soy or egg.
  3. Along with whey, casein is one of the best proteins for building muscle.
  4. Very low in lactose.


  1. Some people have allergies to casein protein. If you have milk allergies from lactose only, then casein should not pose any problems.

Egg Protein (egg white or egg albumen)

This protein used to be the ‘gold standard’ that all other proteins were measured against, until whey protein came along. Most formulas contain very little egg protein.


  1. Excellent amino acid profile with sulfur-bearing amino acids.


  1. Slightly bitter taste.
  2. People unjustifiably perceive it to be high in cholesterol. But the bad rap on egg comes from the yolk, not the egg white. Protein powders use egg white.

Soy Protein

Soy protein is processed from the soybean plant. Most of the fat, fiber and carbs are removed. Since it is a vegetable product, it has no cholesterol.


  1. Reduces heart disease risk.
  2. May help with normal thyroid function to keep your metabolism steady.
  3. High in glutamine, about the same as casein.


  1. Not as high quality of a protein due to limiting essential amino acids.
  2. Not as good as whey or milk proteins for building muscle.
  3. Does not taste very good compared to whey or casein.
Image best protein source
best protein source


As you can see exists few indicators describing whether protein source is quality or not:

  • Biological Value – the proportion of absorbed protein that is retained in the body for maintenance or growth.
  • Protein Efficiency Ratio – the gain in body weight divided by the weight of protein consumed.
  • Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score – the ratio based on the amino acid requirements of humans.
  • Denaturation Level – it mostly describes heat treatment of protein sources.

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  • Healthy Living Guideline
  • Maintain a healthy weight (BMI 20-30)
  • Enjoy a physically active lifestyle
  • 30-60 minutes moderate activity
  • Walk at least 10,000 steps daily
  • Preserve muscle mass with strength training
  • Eat plenty of plant foods (BIG color & STRONG flavor best)
  • Vegetables (4-6 servings/day) & fruits (2-3 servings/day)
  • Whole grains (2-3 servings/day) & beans/legumes (3-4 servings/week)
  • Focus on healthy omega 3 fats
  • Choose healthy fats obtained from whole foods (nuts, seeds, avocados, fi:
  • Limit fried foods, savory snack foods, fast foods ——
  • Go easy on salad dressings, mayonnaise 1:29:29
  • Limit red meat (no more than 18 ounces/week)
  • Choose carbohydrates wisely
  • Best sources are vegetables, legumes, fruits, whole grains
  • Limit refined carbohydrates (sugars, other sweeteners, foods made with white flour)
  • Select beverages carefully
  • Water is your best bet
  • Avoid sweetened beverages
  • Limit fruit juice & alcoholic beverages

vinewman@uc$ for Longevity

  • As we age, we need less calories, so we have to be more careful what we eat
  • Eat a plate of strong flavourful and colored food helps in detoxication
  • Use Spices and Herbs – especially if they have a strong natural smell
  • Sufficient Protein
  • Consume Healthy Omega 3 Fats in seafood
  • Avoid Processed foods
  • Weight Training
  • Exercise 5 minutes
  • several times a day is better than just one long workout infrequently
  • Have lean body mass
  • Fasting
  • Lesser Carbohydrates even whole grains
  • Avoid Environmental stress
  • Under cooking is a good thing
  • Eat more fibre especially from vegetables, fruits and beans
  • Healthy Gut Bacteria via Probiotics
  • Lower Glycemic load
  • Anti-flammatory food
  • Eat Organic food
  • Avoid GMO crops and animals fed with GMOs
  • Eat Slower
  • Eat smaller Animals that do not live long eg chicken or sardines as there is lesser build up of toxins in them
  • Antacids increases risk of hip fractures
  • Drink plenty of pure water
  • Choose your beverage properly
  • Organic pure dark chocolate
  • Practice Gratitude
  • When telomeres get short, bad things happen

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