Residual Income

Tim Sales – What the Wealthy Do on Payday

How Residual Income can change your life.

There are two types of Residual Income.

  • Passive Income
  • Leverage Income

This Tim Sales video demonstrates the power of building a passive income, Without a passive income, it is difficult for you to retire comfortably.

Network Marketing is a great way to build a passive income with low capital by working on little pockets of your free time.

In addition, network marketing also gives you leverage income, something many other businesses and job cannot give you. Leverage Income enables you to earn from not only your own efforts but also the efforts of other people who decide to collaborate with you in the business.

It is basically an affiliate reseller business system modified to include a more robust residual income potential.

PROS of Network Marketing / Leveraged Income

  • Licensed Trademark / Brand Recognition
  • Very Low Start-up Costs.
  • Part-Time Option (and be your own boss)
  • Training
  • Build Residual Income
  • Skill Development
  • Automated Systems
  • — No Customer Service
  • — Website Provided
  • — No Inventory Management
  • No Licensing or Permits
  • No Employees
  • Support
  • Business Leverage
  • Flexibility