It’s IMPOSSIBLE for you to escape the MULTITUDE of environmental and dietary toxins and stressors that impact on your health due to hectic and stressful modern living!

  • Current agricultural methods, decreased soil fertility, heavily-processed foods and increased biological stress from toxic poisons which surround us, are commonplace collateral damage courtesy of 21st-century life.
  • UV rays from the sun
  • Radiation from Mobile Phones, X-rays and Microwaves
  • Chemicals/Pollutants and a host of other toxins saturate our environments – particularly in your home – continually driving your TOXIC LOAD UP UP UP
  • Processed/Nutrient-Deficient/
  • Hormone/Chemical/Pesticide contaminated foods – with toxic packaging
  • Dangerous pharmaceutical drugs and their insidious side effects
  • Traffic / Vehicle Exhausts
  • Constant exposure to new bacteria and viruses
  • Research confirms: TOXICITY BEGINS IN THE WOMB
  • This endless daily assault on our bodies, including our precious DNA, has resulted in an overwhelming proportion of the population falling victim to serious degenerative disease, increasingly at EARLIER ages, and/or spending the final chapters of their lives totally dependent on pharmaceutical drugs to stay alive!

This is the direct result of an undeniable increase in the rate of our aging processes!

Watch this video on the difference in the family eating organic and non-organic (pesticide-laden) foods

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