It’s IMPOSSIBLE for you to escape the MULTITUDE of environmental and dietary toxins and stressors that impact on your health due to hectic and stressful modern living!

  • Current agricultural methods, decreased soil fertility, heavily-processed foods and increased biological stress from toxic poisons which surround us, are commonplace collateral damage courtesy of 21st-century life.
  • UV rays from the sun
  • Radiation from Mobile Phones, X-rays and Microwaves
  • Chemicals/Pollutants and a host of other toxins saturate our environments – particularly in your home – continually driving your TOXIC LOAD UP UP UP
  • Processed/Nutrient-Deficient/
  • Hormone/Chemical/Pesticide contaminated foods – with toxic packaging
  • Dangerous pharmaceutical drugs and their insidious side effects
  • Traffic / Vehicle Exhausts
  • Constant exposure to new bacteria and viruses
  • Research confirms: TOXICITY BEGINS IN THE WOMB
  • This endless daily assault on our bodies, including our precious DNA, has resulted in an overwhelming proportion of the population falling victim to serious degenerative disease, increasingly at EARLIER ages, and/or spending the final chapters of their lives totally dependent on pharmaceutical drugs to stay alive!

This is the direct result of an undeniable increase in the rate of our aging processes!

Watch this video on the difference in the family eating organic and non-organic (pesticide-laden) foods

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6 Leadership Blind Spots

The Top 6 Leadership Blind Spots That Cripple Business Success

Image Tony Robbins Reveals The Top 6 Leadership Blind Spots That Cripple Business Success
Tony Robbins Reveals The Top 6 Leadership Blind Spots That Cripple Business Success here


Tony Robbins Reveals The Top 6 Leadership Blind Spots That Cripple Business Success

Tony overcame a deeply traumatic childhood with an abusive, alcoholic mother to become a powerful agent for change. A multimillionaire (his net worth is estimated at $480 million dollars) who strives to change millions of lives around the world for the better (check out the link below on Robbins Top 6 Leadership Blind Sports That Cripple Business Success and get a glimpse of his true life calling), Tony has a great deal to teach about overcoming significant personal limitations and reaching our highest potential as individual contributors, leaders and innovators.

Tony Robbins shares:
“The most common thing that occurs during tough economic times is that entrepreneurs shrink, rather than grow. If you look at the Fortune 1000, you’ll see more than half of them were businesses that began in what I would call an ‘economic winter’ (a depression or recession).

Look back to Disney – born in depression. Exxon — born in depression. Pizza Hut, Apple, Microsoft — all born during recessions. If you can find a way to do well during the toughest times, you take market share and when the financial situation improves, you’re the established, go-to brand. But there are significant blind spots that keep business leaders from reaching their potential and creating the success they dream of, even in boon times.”

Tony Robbins on the top 6 blind spots that leaders need to address in order to succeed:

  • The failure to innovate and market during tough times
  • Realizing that YOU — the leader — are the most important sales person on the team
  • Not understanding that people buy identities. not products
  • Failing to anticipate
  • Not understanding that problems are gifts
  • Letting your psychological limitations constrain you

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