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your asian biz partner

If you want to build an huge, successfully Asian business, you’ll need a local (Asian) partner who is committed to your success:

  • Not someone who does not have a long term commitment towards developing market.
  • Not someone who does have the time, money and resources for you and your partners.
  • Not someone who lacks integrity and determination
  • Not someone who makes promises they cannot keep
  • not someone who is not strong in sales and have not achieved consistent and significant success in the business
  • Not someone who takes a get rich quick attitude of working with you. Once you falter, they go off looking for greener pastures
  • Not someone who does not have a duplicable system that is easy and inexpensive to follow
  • Not someone who is not a people person.

It takes lots of time, knowledge and money to develop a market especially an Asian market where personal business relationships are so very important.

Your prospective partner must:

  • know Asia
  • speak the local language(s)
  • understand the local cultures 
  • have an Asian mentality and outlook
  • prepared to visit your markets regularly
  • have families, community and network connections in your country
  • have been working in your market for years
  • can provide you superior support
  • have networks and local leaders across Asia to help you build your network in neighboring markets


  • Singapore is well connected with other Asian countries via cheap budget airlines so both sides can we easily visit each other anytime. 
  • just travelling out from Singapore by plane within a 4 hour radius gives you access to over 4 billion people
  • it is racially diverse country with a strong mix of Asian and Western nationalities and is historically comfortable working with people of different backgrounds living harmoniously with each other.  Its official languages are English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil. Many are recent talented hard working migrants from Asia with strong bonds, ties and roots to the former homelands / motherlands. They are known for being reputable, responsible and reliable. There is also a big population of European, American, PRC Chinese, Malaysians, Indonesians, Thais, Filippinos, Myanmarese, Vietnamese nationals working or studying in Singapore.
nancy long asia your asian business partner
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  • 30 Years experience in Asia in direct sales and network marketing / MLM
  • 30 Years experience in team building
  • Working for a 11 year old Billion Dollar financially stable, high growth US Company with a good compensation plan
  • 30 Years as a Trainer and Motivational Speaker
  • already made a million dollars in this business 
  • Strong network in Asia
  • Burning desire to help Asians excel in their chosen profession
  • Asian living and working in Asia – virtually your next door neighbour
  • believe that trust is of utmost important. Once broken can never be mended again.
  • take a long term view of business. Not flutter like butterfly, from one flower to another. Not blink in the face of rejection or disappointment. If you want a successful business: build it once, build it strong and build it to last.
  • if you don’t love your products, you don’t have a strong business.

If you are looking for such a business partner to develop your network marketing, direct sales and MLM business, I could be the leader you are looking for.

Find out how you can benefit from a mutually rewarding & respectful partnership.

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