Dr. Crandall, author of the Heart Health Report newsletter, recommends the following

Six steps to protect yourself from trans fats:

  1. Drink five-to-eight glasses of water a day, which can help remove fats from your system
  2. Eat plenty fresh fruit and vegetable to help combat the damage of trans fats.
  3. Read labels carefully so that you can see if foods contain trans fats. Be aware that this is not foolproof. Companies are allowed to claim zero trans fat if an item has a half-gram or less per serving. Small amounts can add up.
  4. Avoid the ingredient “partially hydrogenated oils.” They are the main source of trans fats.
  5. Choose butter, not margarine. Even though butter contains saturated fat, it is a natural product, and therefore healthier. Margarine often contains trans fats.
  6. Beware of chain restaurants. They are danger zones in which you can get a huge dose of trans fats. If you do eat fast food, first check nutritional information online – is one excellent resource.

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