Prevent Sarcopenia | muscle loss

Prevent Sarcopenia (muscle loss):

posture decay and the lack of good protein nutrition
posture decay and the lack of good protein nutrition

By Michael Colgan, Ph.D.








Loss of skeletal muscle mass and function with aging is called sarcopenia. It is deadly. Sarcopenia includes loss of muscle quantity and quality, loss of motor neurons that enable muscles to contract, loss of strength and especially muscle power, and a steep decline in muscle repair and recovery. In addition, there is a progressive increase in oxidative stress, chronic inflammation, and pain.

Because muscles supply the immune system with the glutamine required to make immune cells, loss of muscle also causes a loss of immune function (1). By complex effects, including a decline of oxygen to the brain because of reduced muscle contraction, sarcopenia is also linked to death of brain cells and loss of cognition and memory with age (2). Frequently, being overweight masks the appearance of sarcopenia, and only adds to the problem.

Since 1989, when it was first measured accurately, sarcopenia has grown to epidemic proportions in the US and Canada (3-6). In otherwise healthy people over 40, it can be as high as one in every four tested. Researchers on aging generally agree that it is a self-inflicted outcome that is almost 100 percent preventable.

The Right Protein

Here are the two simple steps to prevent sarcopenia lifelong: First, you have to have sufficient high-quality protein in your diet to maintain lean muscle. Because muscle protein synthesis becomes less efficient with age, only first–class protein will do it. Numerous studies, the latest just published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in May 2011, show that whey protein, similar to that found in IsaLean Shake, is the best (7). It stimulates muscle protein uptake better than other proteins common in shakes.

Research shows that for people over age 40, the Recommended Dietary Allowance for protein [0.8 grams per kilogram] may not be sufficient. A controlled study found muscle was not maintained in subjects fed the RDA (8). Following this type of research since the 1990s, the Colgan Institute has recommended increased protein, especially for those who exercise regularly (which we hope is everyone). Consequently, in addition to protein in meals, we generally recommend a minimum of two protein shakes per day. Each shake should contain 20 to 25 grams of whey protein, one taken upon rising in the morning, and one within 30 minutes after working out (these are the times when the body most needs it).

The Right Exercise

The second step to maintain your muscle power for life is the right type of exercise. Sorry to say that jogging or aerobics classes will not fill the bill. Numerous comparative studies now show that resistance exercise is the only effective way (9-11). But it has to be the right resistance exercise. Many gym programs use slow, restricted machine exercises to increase strength and muscle size. I suggest they do not work to prevent sarcopenia, because the major loss in sarcopenia is a neuromuscular loss of power. Power is strength multiplied by speed in free movements. Usual gym strength training does not increase power (12-15).

Balance exercise is a key component to preventing falls in old age.

The Colgan Power Program was developed specifically to train power in athletes, and we have since adapted it for general muscle training to inhibit the sarcopenia of aging(14). There are many factors involved, so I can mention only a couple of the most important here. To get a full explanation you can consult the book (14).

First, as you age, gravity gradually compresses your spine. Most back problems stem from that compression, not from disease. After age 30, you do not want to do a lot of resistance exercise that adds to that compression. So, our first rule for lifelong resistance training, is to do exercises that lengthen the spine while contracting the muscles. We have developed hundreds of these exercises, now used by many thousands of people worldwide.

Our program gets people into the habit of working out daily for 30 minutes, with two protein shakes, one in the morning, and one immediately after workout. Many people who have adopted this simple routine over the last two decades, are physically more robust than their peers, enjoy better health than their peers, and are measurably aging more slowly. For them sarcopenia is not an issue.

The second factor I will note is balance. As part of sarcopenia, kinaesthetic and proprioceptive senses decline, and balance and coordination decline with them. That is why the biggest risk for healthy older people is a fall. Their balance systems no longer register the falling until it is too late. With the right resistance training, with a balance component, you can prevent loss of balance lifelong (16).


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nancy long asia - your asian business partner
your asian biz partner

If you want to build an huge, successfully Asian business, you’ll need a local (Asian) partner who is committed to your success:

  • Not someone who does not have a long term commitment towards developing market.
  • Not someone who does have the time, money and resources for you and your partners.
  • Not someone who lacks integrity and determination
  • Not someone who makes promises they cannot keep
  • not someone who is not strong in sales and have not achieved consistent and significant success in the business
  • Not someone who takes a get rich quick attitude of working with you. Once you falter, they go off looking for greener pastures
  • Not someone who does not have a duplicable system that is easy and inexpensive to follow
  • Not someone who is not a people person.

It takes lots of time, knowledge and money to develop a market especially an Asian market where personal business relationships are so very important.

Your prospective partner must:

  • know Asia
  • speak the local language(s)
  • understand the local cultures 
  • have an Asian mentality and outlook
  • prepared to visit your markets regularly
  • have families, community and network connections in your country
  • have been working in your market for years
  • can provide you superior support
  • have networks and local leaders across Asia to help you build your network in neighboring markets


  • Singapore is well connected with other Asian countries via cheap budget airlines so both sides can we easily visit each other anytime. 
  • just travelling out from Singapore by plane within a 4 hour radius gives you access to over 4 billion people
  • it is racially diverse country with a strong mix of Asian and Western nationalities and is historically comfortable working with people of different backgrounds living harmoniously with each other.  Its official languages are English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil. Many are recent talented hard working migrants from Asia with strong bonds, ties and roots to the former homelands / motherlands. They are known for being reputable, responsible and reliable. There is also a big population of European, American, PRC Chinese, Malaysians, Indonesians, Thais, Filippinos, Myanmarese, Vietnamese nationals working or studying in Singapore.
nancy long asia your asian business partner
global direct sellers


  • 30 Years experience in Asia in direct sales and network marketing / MLM
  • 30 Years experience in team building
  • Working for a 11 year old Billion Dollar financially stable, high growth US Company with a good compensation plan
  • 30 Years as a Trainer and Motivational Speaker
  • already made a million dollars in this business 
  • Strong network in Asia
  • Burning desire to help Asians excel in their chosen profession
  • Asian living and working in Asia – virtually your next door neighbour
  • believe that trust is of utmost important. Once broken can never be mended again.
  • take a long term view of business. Not flutter like butterfly, from one flower to another. Not blink in the face of rejection or disappointment. If you want a successful business: build it once, build it strong and build it to last.
  • if you don’t love your products, you don’t have a strong business.

If you are looking for such a business partner to develop your network marketing, direct sales and MLM business, I could be the leader you are looking for.

Find out how you can benefit from a mutually rewarding & respectful partnership.

More info about business leader and lifestyle entrepeneur Nancy Long

img – asian biz partner



Dr. Crandall, author of the Heart Health Report newsletter, recommends the following

Six steps to protect yourself from trans fats:

  1. Drink five-to-eight glasses of water a day, which can help remove fats from your system
  2. Eat plenty fresh fruit and vegetable to help combat the damage of trans fats.
  3. Read labels carefully so that you can see if foods contain trans fats. Be aware that this is not foolproof. Companies are allowed to claim zero trans fat if an item has a half-gram or less per serving. Small amounts can add up.
  4. Avoid the ingredient “partially hydrogenated oils.” They are the main source of trans fats.
  5. Choose butter, not margarine. Even though butter contains saturated fat, it is a natural product, and therefore healthier. Margarine often contains trans fats.
  6. Beware of chain restaurants. They are danger zones in which you can get a huge dose of trans fats. If you do eat fast food, first check nutritional information online – is one excellent resource.

Image PROTECTION YOURSELF FROM TRANS FATS – protect yourself from trans fat




Nancy Long started work when she 18 years old as white collar admin job and after 12 years, her childhood dream of becoming very rich was fast fading away.

Fortunately she was introduced to two seminal self-help books which completely changed her life:-

  • Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill
  • “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.

Following the recommendations of the Hill & Carnegie, Nancy went in search of direct sales and MLM careers. She joined the Life Insurance Industry instead as MLM was prohibited in Singapore at that time.


At that time, the life insurance career as shunned by most people as it was considered bad luck to sell so-called “death products”. But she knew that it was a good time to get into this industry / career as only a small percentage of the population was insured and it was an industry where some people were earning a million dollars a year irregardless of their backgroud – educational or otherwise.

Thanks to these 2 books, Nancy achieved a great success in selling life insurance even though she had no prior sales experience. It was through sheer hard work and perserverence she became a member of the prestigious international Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) award in her first year and later a lifetime MDRT member.

Because she made it a priority to start fast and meet new people everyday, she was able to break records in her new career::

  • Top Agent in her first year in the business (for 3 consecutive years in No. of sales)
  • Top New Supervisor two years later (for 3 consecutive years)
  • Top New Manager three years later
  • Court of the Table
  • Top 3 District Manager five years later (for more than 10 years in South Asia)
  • Life Member of the prestigeous Million Dolllar Round Table (MDRT)

Thereafter, she was consistently in the top five in AIA Singapore in terms of personal sales and agency revenues region-wide (which meant she had to compete with top producers from Hong Kong, Malaysia,  Hong Kong, Thailand etc).

She also always qualified for the prestigious “Top of the Table” and “President’s Club” throughout her career in AIA.

Needless to say she was AIA’s crème de la crème for 20 years, one of the Company’s Top Producer in Personal and Group Sales and was heading the biggest multi million dollar agency in her company.

In 2000, she was awarded the Company’s very Top Award “Senior District Manager” (The First and Only lady to receive the award at that time) and as such, Nancy Long became an industry icon. To receive this distinguished title, Nancy had to have an  impeccable record for 20 consecutive years in terms of high sales and group performance, qualified for all the annual recognition contests as well good customer care service record. When she received this rare and distinguished rank / recognition, there were a total of only 6 Senior District Managers in the 50 year history of AIA Singapore..

She was also a much sought after trainer and public speaker in the region because of her extensive knowledge in direct sales particularly in regard to insurance sales and agency management. She was also a very entertaining motivational speaker because she was an avid reader of self-help books and attended countless seminars,courses of most of the well known gurus in the self-help field etc. on interpersonal skills as well as how to be successful in direct sales

When the Good and Services Tax (GST) was implemented in Singapore in 1994, she automatically became a “GST person” , This meant that over and above paying personal income tax, she also had to pay GST on her income. A GST person or company is someone who has a turnover of S$1 million a year or more and pays GST on their total sales turnover.

When she was the top in everything in the insurance industry, Ms Long shocked everyone in the industry by leaving the Insurance industry for the new and untested MLM / Network Marketing industry which had just been legalized in Singapore in 2001.


Everyone said that she was crazy to walk away from a steady million dollar a year income (she was receiving a large regular residual income from her insurance business excluding new sales) but the wellness, health, fitness and nutrition industry was her passion and an industry she always wanted to be part of because of its unlimited income potential via residual and leverage income. .

Moreover, she knew from Paul Zane Pilzer, that the network marketing / MLM business was going to be the next trillion dollar business in the world because the baby boomers wanted to be more healthy, stay active, live longer and do their own business from home.

Within 3 months, she achieved the Top Rank in her company as Unicity Presidential Club Member. She stayed with the same company for more than 10 years. She was the Top Singapore Leader in this company for many years and her organisation in this company was the biggest in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia with a turnover of more than half a million a month. She went into retirement for 2 years but found her retirement life without purpose very stifling and unhealthy.

She realised that her former network marketing company Unicity could no longer give her the high growth she was getting from her insurance business, and so she began on a journey of finding a company that coould give her higher growth prospects for unlimited growth.


In 2013, Nancy found Isagenix and very quickly achieved Crystal Executive status. She was consistently among the top performers in Asia and in 2016 became the company’s Top Earner in Asia.

Plus with the company’s system she has shed away the 12 kilos of fats – something she could not do for the past 30 years even though she took countless brands of slimming products including her former company’s slim products. Whenever she took these products, she would lose 3-4 kg of fats but quickly put on the fats on again. These yo-yo diets were not doing her health any good. Also she was looking for a company that had organic products, that were free from GMOs (genetically modified organisms), soy, artificial sweeteners, colourings, flavours, preservatives etc.

Starting from scratch is not something that is unfamiliar to Nancy. In fact, she thrives on it. A new challenge she could excel in. She all the qualities needed for starting up a new business quickly and successfully like::

  • clear and focused vision
  • good ethics
  • self-starter
  • experience
  • people oriented
  • results focused
  • leadership building
  • positive mindset
  • quality sales tools
  • good business success system
  • follow up techniques etc..

She was glad to find a high growth company like Isagenix which has all the characteristics of being a top global brand name network marketing company:

  • 10 years+ proven track record and still growing in North America
  • Integrity
  • Distributor driven
  • Have Products and Services people want
  • Great Management
  • Rewarding Compensation Plan
  • Time is going to prove her right once again and histroy will repeat itself.

Nancy Long was Isagenix’s 5 Star Golden Circle, 5 Star Crystal Executive. First Crystal Executive in Singapore and South Asia. In 2016, she because Isagenix’s Top Earner in Asia and Singapore based on sales turnover. She has a strong and dynamic teams in Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia (where the Isagenix has opened so far).


As of June 2016, I’ve partnered  with a US$ Billion annual sales company which is one of the fastest growing direct sales in INC 5000 / INC 500 and was DSN #18 in the Top Global 100 Direct Selling Companies.

She has quickly risen up the ranks of Jeunesse Global and has a large team in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and India. Our distributors are also rapidly expanding to the Middle East and other parts of the world. The company ships products to over 141 countries as of date (6 May 2017).

If you want to join a momentum company which has a distributor-friendly compensation plan and fantastic products. This is it. Don’t wait,  contact me now for more info.

More on Nancy Long Jeunesse Global – nancy long – my direct sales careers

Beware of Some Protein Powders

Beware of Some Protein Powders

Image beware of some protein powders, whey protein, best high protein food
A new report examines the quality and safety of protein powders, and the results are not comforting.

What price would you put on having peace of mind that your body is receiving quality protein daily? Consider that a recent report from found 31 percent of other protein powders reviewed failed to meet the claims they advertised and/or were contaminated with excess heavy metals.

For the report, bought, tested, and analyzed the quality of 17 protein-based products that are used for everything from bodybuilding to weight management. What they found was surprising: some protein powders exceeded limits for lead, contained more carbohydrates or cholesterol than advertised, or less protein than advertised.

A total of five products out of the 17 tested were found to have serious enough flaws that gave them a “Not Approved” grade—as in “Buyer Beware”. The products were tested to check the accuracy of label claims (total calories, total protein, etc.) as well as possible lead contamination. The products that raised red flags were then sent to another independent lab to confirm the findings.

Of the five products that failed to meet testing requirements, quality problems they had included:

  • Less protein than what’s listed: One product actually had 16 fewer grams of protein than listed on the label—that’s almost 70 percent less! Also, the same product had 16 more grams of carbs than listed, including 3 extra grams of sugar.
  • Contaminated with lead: One protein-based meal replacement shake had 12.7 micrograms of lead per scoop, which can exceed daily limits (as outlined by U.S. and Health Canada regulatory guidelines) if two or more are consumed daily.
  • More cholesterol and calories than what’s listed: One product that claimed to have “0 mg” of cholesterol actually had 10.2 mg. Another product had 25.7 additional calories per serving.

For consumers who are looking to meet health or athletic goals with products like these, it’s easy to see how inaccuracies could be problematic. That’s why it pays to have a company like Isagenix with a “No Compromise” quality policy.

Isagenix products are rigorously tested to be sure they meet label claims. This means that when the label says “24 grams protein,” it’s what you’re getting. Our Isagenix Quality Assurance department performs routine testing of label claim accuracy for the duration of each product’s shelf life, too.

The strict quality policy at Isagenix also involves testing of raw ingredients and finished products for microbial activity, pesticides, and heavy metals including lead, arsenic, mercury, and cadmium. Isagenix uses independent laboratories for testing to guarantee quality and safety.

The process that Isagenix uses for continual inspection of raw materials and analysis of finished products is an expensive enterprise. Because of the high cost of testing, other companies will often cut corners and avoid such extensive testing. At Isagenix we believe that meeting and exceeding safety guidelines is absolutely necessary as integrity and the health of our customers, friends, and family is paramount.

Once again, as evidenced by this latest report from, you just can’t trust every protein powder or drink product you come across.

Reference:  Product review: protein powders and drinks (for body building, sports and dieting) 2013.



Protein can be found in a variety of foods, but Isagenix undenatured whey protein tops the charts when it comes to supporting healthy weight loss and muscle maintenance. In this short video, find out why your body needs the right kind of protein, in the right amounts, at the right time. Learn more at

If you live in USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore or Malaysia, you can order the Isagenix System (either the Weight Loss or Energy and Performance Paks) online and it will be delivered to your doorstep by Isagenix direct via the link below:  Value Savings. Join as a member and enjoy wholesale prices. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee by company. The best high protein food

If you live in USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore or Malaysia, you can order the Isagenix System (either the Weight Loss or Energy and Performance Paks) online and it will be delivered to your doorstep by Isagenix direct via the link below:

Value Savings. Join as a member and enjoy wholesale prices. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee by company – beware of some protein powders