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Why Many “SUPPLEMENTAL INCOME” Ideas Aren’t Worth Your Time – And What You Might Do With It Instead.

Quite often, I’ll get excited requests from people who have stumbled upon some great idea for an alternative / supplemental income and want me to join them in making the scheme work.

Here are a few of the suggestions of alternative supplemental income I’ve heard:

  • + Sell items online. Assuming you know what items will sell everytime and you don’t end up with a lot of dead stocks+ Write a Blog and Make Money selling advertising. Assuming you know how to write good in-demand articles that can get Click-through advertising everyday.
  • + Buy in Bulk and sell individual items/paks by front-load buying schemes. Assuming you don’t eventually end up with a houseful of unwanted stocks whIch will wipe your all your profits sooner and later.
  • + Do “Riskless, Product-less” “investment money games” and other online marketing scams. Assuming there are enough suckers to make you rich long term and you don’t hurt your reputation in the process. Cheating is bad karma and people you’ve cheated may put a curse on you and your future generations even if God doesn’t. There are a lot of unverified claims from these people about how much they earn but they are usually not in the top 100 MLM Earners for more than one year and there are no new success stories every year that can be independently certified / verified. Some of these involve black hat SEO (dirty tricks) techniques which Google and other search engines algorithms will detect and blacklist (take offline) your website in next to no time.
  • + Sell your time and talents online. Assuming you can get enough regular income to pay for your grocery bills. If you can, good for you. Very few can produce a regular income in the long run. So you’ll have to keep building and reinventing every year or so.In a nutshell,

I view all of these ideas as a waste of time, and here’s why.

First, the pay for the time invested is very low. The best you can hope for with these sites is something approaching minimum wage – and that’s only on rare occasions when high-paying options come through. Mostly, you’re just loitering for a dollar or two an hour.

Second, you’re not building anything. The first problem might be tolerable if you were building something for the long term that would earn you much more per hour, but with services like these, you’re not. You get paid per piece, with that piece being strictly independent of other work. You can’t earn a raise or a higher rate of return with sustained quality work. If you’re extremely lucky, you might happen to randomly attract someone through the freelancing sites (Squidoo, AC, Elance, Guru, etc.) who’s interested in your work individually for more tasks, but the odds are very low.

I understand that many people do such things during idle times, when they are required to be in front of a computer for a period of time but don’t have any specific work requirements to be fulfilled (like a front desk receptionist, for instance).

I also know that many people do activities like this in the evening in the family room while the television is on as something to do to “earn a few bucks” while watching television.In either case, why not invest that time doing something that produces more value – or at least has the potential to produce more value?

Here are the Criteria for Selecting the Right Network Marketing / MLM Company.

1. GET A BUSINESS THAT IS BUILT TO LAST. The last thing you want to do is to put time, money, effort, resources and your credibility on the line for a business that is failing or slowing down.

2. JOIN A MLM COMPANY WHICH IS AT LEAST 1O YEARS OLD and WHICH IS STILL GROWING IN NORTH AMERICA. If the company is not growing in North America, it means that growth is not sustainable in the long term.

3. JOIN A REPUTABLE, FINANCIALLY STABLE USA COMPANY. You don’t want to waste your time on a company that can close down anytime.

4. LOW MONTHLY MAINTENANCE. You should just buy products for your own use which should not cost more than US$180+ [S$220] per month. You teach others to do the same. If it is a front-loading scheme, it is no better than direct sales. You might as well be a insurance or property agent where the returns are better.

5. JOIN A COMPANY WHICH CREATES ITS OWN PRODUCTS IN-HOUSE AND PROVIDE QUALITY ASSURANCE and MONEY BACK EVERYTIME. If you don’t have unique, world class products that people want, how can you generate repeat monthly sales?. Are the products Halal certified and does the halal certification logo printed on the internal packaging of the products?  Are the products free from soy, GMOs, artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors or coloring?  If you don’t have this how are you going to survive in such a business?


  • – pays UNLIMITED DEPTH on both your 2 Legs / Teams so you will be earning on your whole team volume. It should pay on one strong leg and one weak leg as it is difficult to build & balance two equally strong legs.
  • – have NO BREAKAWAYS  ie no matter how high a rank your enrollled associate attains, they will still remain in your organisation and you will continue to earn from their team volume
  • NO CUT OFFS, NO BLOCKING. As there are no fixed levels / generations you can override, your income is limitless. You  won’t have to worry about associates with small volume blocking your access to earning income from big producers deep down in your organisation.
  • 10% MATCHING BONUS. Earn at least 10% of what your personally enrolled associates earn as part of your team building efforts.
  • NO FLUSH OFF  Whatever volume you and your team generate can be carried over to next week/month. Your efforts are not wasted and you don’t have to restart your volume from zero.
  • PAYS ON RE-ORDERS, Generates residual income everytime your success line continues to use the products
  • ALLOWS FOR RE-ENTRIES when you have maximised your current two legs. Such re-entries usually pays more (% wise) than the original two legs,

Some comp plans pay better in the beginning but cannot be sustained over the long term without affecting the survivalibility of the company in the long run.

7. THE COMPANY IS NOT OVERLY EXPANDED GLOBALLY  There is still a lot of room for the company to grow,

8. IT IS A LEGACY COMPANY  The owners do not intend to sell the company or to get it publicily listed in the stock exchange thereby protecting the interests of its Associates.

9. A TRULY WAVE 4 ONLINE INTERNET ENABLED COMPANY  You can do most of your mlm biz activities online –

  • – buying products and shipping to your doorstep
  • – learning about the company, products, doing the biz
  • – keeping track of your business and signing up people online
  • – your own free company website.

If you company have these, then you’ll have more time on important activity like prospecting, presenting and follow up.

10. ONLINE LEARNING & DIRECT ACCESS TO COMPANY MARKETING TOOLS THAT ARE REASONABLY PRICED. As you can learn the biz and buy company marketing tools online direct, You are not at the mercy of incompetent and predatory leaders / uplines / support lines. Should be available on Facebook, YouTube and company websites.

11. IT DOES NOT COST YOU A FORTUNE TO ATTEND COMPANY EVENTS. The high cost of attending regular events will eat into your long term profits. Your objective is to earn big money as quickly as possible ie 1-3 years. My objective has always been to make it big within the first year otherwise you’ll easily be discouraged and slow down and this in turn will discourage your associates as well.

12. DOES THE COMPANY HAVE A STRONG MANAGEMENT in corporate governance, distributor compliance & training and  and product development? Has the ownership of the company changed hands in the past 10 years?


For over a decade I’ve shared these with my prospects and team. That is why Network Marketing / MLM is my choice career. Because I understood the magic of the Power of Two’s  results on expotential growth and compounding interest.

“If you understood residual income, you’d walk through a brick wall to get it!”

Here is an illustration on compounding interest:  If the number of water lilies doubles every day in a pond starting with one water lily…. how full will the pond be on the 29th (second last) day of the experiment?  The is answer is 50% full. On the 30th day, the pond will be 100% full of water lilies. That is how powerful the power of two is,

Do the work right ONE time and get paid OVER and OVER and OVER again for a long time. What’s not to like?!

A network marketing business is a great way to create a ‘residual income’ that gives you more time. More time to spend with your children, go on vacations, help others… more time to do the things you want to do, when you want to do them.

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The Wrong Car Salesman. This guy would not stop talking about a car long enough to know that I just wasn’t interested in it. Yet he kept going into detail about that car.

My kind of Car Salesperson. I met this a very pleasant sales lady. She took the time to introduce herself and to ask questions of me to learn what I wanted/needed/did not want in a vehicle.

Her questions were along the lines of “do you have a preference about petrol consumption?” “Do you place comfort over function?” and “Will you do more city or highway type driving?”

She covered all of these basic questions before we even started to look at the vehicles on display. Upon answering these questions, I learned that I wanted/needed a vehicle that got good petrol mileage and was more comfortable.

This wonderful saleslady found out that I would buy comfort and good petrol mileage. So, this is what she proceeded to sell me and I have had no regrets.

That saleslady did not try to sell me a car of any type – she sold me what I needed/wanted. I just happened to drive away in a sedan.

Do not sell what your customer will not buy:

The first time you hear or read my tip this week it may seem a little odd. But by the end of this article it will make sense to you. The tip is, “Never sell what the prospect won’t buy.”

How can you do this? The quick answer is – don’t mention what you’re selling until you know the prospect will buy it!

It’s as simple as that.

Ask what your prospects needs/wants or doesn’t want. By doing this, you’re basically asking “what they WILL buy.” Once you find that out, use it as your selling point. This is what they will buy! How do you know for sure they will buy it? They said they would!

As an example: I’m talking with a prospect who answered an ad for “working from home.” I ask them why they want to work from home – if they say, “So I can spend more time with my children.” DING my bell goes off That is what the prospect will buy! I don’t know if he’ll buy, “debt f.r.e.e company with 12 international patents”. I don’t know if he’ll buy “my up-line is making $20,000 per month.” But what I know he’ll buy is the ability to “spend more time with my children.” So that’s all I sell!

In another example, let’s suppose you’re selling skin care products. You tell that person you have a product that gets rid of pimples and that person replies, “I don’t get pimples.” Well, you just destroyed your sell. From that point it’s very awkward to back up and say, “Well I have a product that reduces wrinkles.”

Instead, start by asking something like, “Do you use skin care products?” “What do you use them for?” With the answers you get, you’re able to communicate and sell them what they need; not what they don’t need.

A sharp salesperson knows exactly what their customer should buy, even more than the customer. If a person walks into a store to buy a drill bit, for example, the smart hardware salesperson will ask enough questions to get all the information before they make a recommendation. Questions like, “How big of a hole do you need?” “How deep do you need the hole?” “What material are you drilling through?” By asking the right questions, that salesperson will sell exactly what that prospect needs. You see, the prospect didn’t need a drill bit; they needed a hole.

Another angle on this is to eliminate what your prospect doesn’t want to figure out the right products for them. If your prospect doesn’t want to work for his boss any more, then you sell her that- The tools to quit her job and embark on her rewarding network marketing venture. – people don’t like to be sold, they like to buy





These are foods you should only buy if they are organic because it is highly likely to be contaminated due to modern farming practices eg genetically modified foods GMO, Pesticides, Additives, Coloring and other chemicals, high in artificial sweeteners like HCFS and other unhealthy food processing methods.

  1. Dairy (Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, Ice Cream, etc.)
  2. Meat (Look for 100% grass-fed, antibiotic & growth hormone free, fed organic and non-GMO diet)
  3. Corn, Soybeans, Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Canola, Sugar Beets, Papaya, Cottonseed Oil (These are high risk GMO crops. Remember to check the ingredient list on all packaged goods for these foods.)
  4. Dirty Dozen Produce
  • Apples
  • All Leafy Greens (Kale, Arugula, Collards, Spinach, Ci|antro> Parsley, Dandelion, Chard, etc.)
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • All Berries (Strawberries, Blueberries, Grapes Raspberries, Blackberries)
  • Celery
  • Hot Peppers.
  • Nectarines
  • Peaches
  • Potatoes
  • Sweet Bell Peppers

5. Eggs (Stick to pasture eggs and chickens fed an organic diet)

6. Tea and Coffee

7. Dried Herbs & Spices (Non-organic herbs & spices are irradiated, reducing medicinal quality)

8. Chocolate



  • Environmentally Sustainable Practices
  • Food with High Nutritional Value
  • Improved Soil Fertility
  • Animal Welfare
  • BioDiversity


  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Fungicides
  • Additives
  • GMOs – Genetically Modified Organisms
  • Hormones
  • Antibiotics
  • Vaccines
  • Irradiation
  • Soil Erosion
  • Water Pollution

Watch this video “Fed Up” on why GMO farming is subverting your health:


Organic foods are richer in nutrients than conventional foods

Organic vs Conventional Foods? – organic food shopping priority list

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