Overcoming | Fear of Rejection

Overcoming the Fear of Rejection

Do you know the biggest obstacle to success in network marketing and direct sales?
It is the fear of hearing “NO“.

The word “NO” stands like a brick wall between people and their goals. The most important quality of a great networker or salesperson is their willingness to face rejection.

The funny thing is, as kids, we weren’t fazed at all when we heard NO. We shrugged it off, laughed at it, ignored it. But somewhere along the line our natural sense of tenacity got lost.

There is a great book about how to overcoming fear and the fear of success called “Go for NO!” — a ground-breaking little book by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz that will help you get that tenacity back.

Go for NO! YES Is the Destination, NO Is How You Get There can change the way you think, sell and live. Through a fast-paced and entertaining story, Go for NO actually reprograms the way you look at “no,” turning your biggest obstacle into one of your strongest assets.

Download the free e-book complete with sample chapters 10-12 of “Go for No” in PDF format to learn how to overcome the fear of rejection by clicking the link below:


“Go for No!” is a short and simple book that can change the way you think, sell, and live if you are ready! An intriguing story, “Go for No” actually reprograms the way that you look at “no” taking what is a huge obstacle and turning it into one of your strongest assets!

Fear of rejection in network marketing and direct sales \Go for No! YES Is the Destination, NO Is How You Get There

By Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz (2007)

Go for No is the fast-paced and entertaining story of four life-changing days in the life of Eric James Bratton, wonderful husband, terrific brother and so-so copier salesman. As he learns to reprogram his interpretation of the word “no,” he loses his fear of failing and even starts to intentionally increase his failure rate. In the process, he discovers that there is nothing you can’t achieve if you are willing to hear the word “no” often enough. Not only for salespeople, this book is for anyone who has to face rejection and wants to break through self-imposed barriers and achieve peak performance.

The book covers important aspects of overcoming the fear of rejection such as:

  1. That failing and being a “failure” are two very different things
  2. Why it’s important to celebrate success and failure
  3. The five failure levels and how to progress through them
  4. How to get past failures quickly and then move on
  5. That the most empowering word in the world is not yes… it’s NO!

Overcoming the fear of rejection is the key skill every network marketing and direct sales professional must master if they are to be successful in their profession.


“I first thought, How could this little book have anything of value in just 80 pages? Then, by page 32, I realized that ‘this little book’ was about to change my life. All of my life, I’ve sought the wisdom that is so precisely laid out in Go For No! Every other book on the subject of success, handling rejection and building personal character, falls far short of Go For No! Don’t read this book unless you are ready to have the greatest success epiphany you’ve ever experienced. The genius that Richard and Andrea set out is mind blowing. It will change your life, your career and your company. If you never read another book as long as you live, then, make Go For No! your last one. You’ll be astounded!

Michael Murphy

To buy the book, go to Networking Times – Overcoming the Fear of Rejection

One thought on “Overcoming | Fear of Rejection

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