10 Deadliest Drugs

10 Deadliest Drugs

Approved by the FDA—but are your meds safe? Critics claim tragic failures like the approval of the painkiller Vioxx, which may have caused up to 100,000 heart attack and stroke deaths, are a direct result of prioritizing speed over safety reviews. So what can you do in the meantime to minimize risk from medications like the 10 Deadliest Drugs mentioned below?

The first thing is to be an informed consumer and be sure that the 10 Deadliest drugs you take are necessary and have not been flagged as potentially problematic. For example, the mild opioid drugs Darvon and Darvocet have been found to be no more effective than aspirin—and they can cause heart damage.

These are the 10 Deadliest Drugs:

Rank – Drug —————– Type —————————- Deaths 1998-2005
1 – OxycodonePrescription opioid painkiller* – 5548
2 – FentanylPrescription opioid painkiller* – 3545
3 – ClozapineAntipsychotic3277
4 – MorphinePrescription opioid painkiller* – 1616
5 – AcetaminophenOver-the-counter painkiller1393
6 – MethadonePrescription opioid painkiller*/addiction medication1258
7 – InfliximabImmune-system modulating drug1228
8 – Interferon betaImmune-system modulating drug1178
9 – RisperidoneAntipsychotic1093
10- EtanerceptImmune-system modulating drug1034

Source: Moore TJ et al., Serious Adverse Drug Events Reported to the Food and Drug Administration, 1998-2005, Archives of Internal Medicine, Sept. 10., 2007; 167 (16): 1752-1759 —– (WXii, 24 March 20008)


One thought on “10 Deadliest Drugs


    Don’t ever use it, no matter what your doctor says, or what kind of application you are to use it for. (Unless your doctor is standing next to your bed in your house 24 hours a day. Oh, and include a shrink who will talk you out of killing yourself daily while you’re on it, as well. This will save your life.

    –Greg Giles

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