Do You Have A Cancer Personality?

Do You Have A Cancer Personality?

Cancer cells are always present in our bodies. All it needs is a stimuli to trigger vicious growth. Cancer cells are actually healthy cells that “go haywire” under certain conditions. This could be caused by a physical stimuli like the exposure to certain foods or substances. Or it could be emotional one. When almost all of the mind’s resources is diverted to coping with the emotional onslaught, it let’s up it vigilance in fighting or controlling cellular damage. If the mind provides scant resources to the body’s defense mechanism i.e. the immune system, disease will have a free reign to take over the body.

Studies have shown that People with the following Personality Traits or Background have a greater Risk of Cancer:

  • Suffers traumatic events like personal loss such as a death or a divorce, loss of a job or money, moving to another location etc;
  • Harbors long-suppressed toxic emotions such as anger, resentment and/or hostility. Typically the cancer-susceptible individual internalizes such emotions and has great difficulty expressing them;
  • Exhibits an obsessive tendency toward carrying other people’s burdens or trying to please or getting others’ approval;
  • Type A Personality i.e. one who reacts adversely to stress or gets easily upset, often being unable to cope with the stress. Blow off steam if you must, but don’t carry it around with you;
  • Inability to resolve deep-seated emotional problems and conflicts, usually arising in childhood, often even being unaware of their presence.
  • Unable to “move on” i.e. finding closure for long standing problems or unable to turn to grieve to relief themselves from their emotional problems;
  • Feel that they have lost control of their lives, feel helpless and are unable to cope with daily living, or have low self-worth;
  • Don’t have interesting things to look forward to each day;

These feelings or traits are often calls for help, warning signs, telling you to slow down and take stock of your emotional situation.

What you can do if you have a Cancer Personality:

  • Workout in the gym;
  • Don’t over-drink to cope with stress. Hiding your fears and grief in drugs, alcohol, sweet or fat foods will not relieve your situation, but will damage your body;
  • Walking or jogging;
  • Finding a friend you can confide in;
  • Hire a therapist who will listen to you;
  • Get an interesting hobby to take you mind off your own troubles;
  • Look at the brighter side of life;
  • Get a pet;
  • Do Charity or Community work like volunteer helping the sick, elderly, poor or the helpless;
  • Start an activity that you have always wanted to do but have put off;
  • Stay Positive like Randy Pausch. Be Yourself – just kick out the bad stuff.
  • Most importantly, take Anti-Oxidants – do you have a cancer personality?

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