Heart Attack Prediction Tool

Heart Attack Prediction Tool

Find out if you are likely to suffer a serious heart attack which also entails a high risk of death* within the next 10 years with this heart attack prediction tool.

This Heart Attack assessment tool uses historical data of heart attack patients from the Framingham Heart Study. The heart attack perdiction tool is designed to estimate the risk in adults aged 20 years and older who do not have heart disease or diabetes.

Use the link below to assess the 10 Year Heart Attack Risk Calculator. The Risk Calculator Tool will ask you the following questions and provide an assessment of your risk to heart attacks within the next 10 years:

  • Your Age
  • Your Gender
  • Your Total Cholesterol Count
  • Your HDL Cholesterol Count
  • If You Are A Smoker
  • Your Systolic Blood Pressure
  • Whether You Are Doing Anything To Reduce Your High Blood Pressure

* Hard coronary heart disease (HCHD) i.e. myocardial infarction or coronary death.

Copy and Paste this link on your web browser URL:


Waist-Hip Ratio:

The Waist-Hip Ratio is another way of assessing the risk of heart attacks and diabetes. It is more accurate than the traditional BMI Index.

To calculate the Waist-Hip Ratio, measure the ratio of your waist circumference (the narrowest point on your abdomen ie at your navel) and your hip circumference (the widest point ie at your buttocks).

To find your Waist-Hip Ratio, divide the size of your waist by your hip size.

A ratio greater than 1.0 for a man (in other words your waist is bigger than your hips) or 0.8 for a woman suggests a higher risk of a heart attack and therefore you urgently need to reduce your weight and increase your levels of exercise.

If you are “apple” shaped (you carry extra weight in your stomach) it is a predictor that you are highly likely to suffer from a heart attack than if you are “pear” shaped (you have excess weight around your hips)

Furthermore, a recent study of 27,000 people showed that those who were obese as judged by the waist-to-hip ratio had substantially more heart attacks than those who were obese according to their BMI.

The bellweather BMI ratio is not considered accurate now as it fails to take into account muscle density and other relevant factors.

To check your BMI ratio, use the link below (Copy & Paste link to your web browser URL):


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