Germ Infested Foods

Germ Infested Foods

How safe are foods from Restaurants? Not so, if you are unlucky enough to get service from an hygienic restaurant employee who dishes out some really mean germ infested foods.

Germ Infested Foods from Restaurants are usually the Result of Employees / Business Owners failure to follow proper food handling procedures such as:

  1. not washing their hands properly after going to the toilet or after handling items which may have bacteria
  2. being sick and still being asked to handle food
  3. failure to keep food equipment clean
  4. improper refrigeration or cooking of food
  5. improper disposal of waste products and rubbish
  6. poor vermin control
  7. lax management controls or sometimes, even irresponsible business practices.

Because of this, you could be consuming germ infested foods like in the following instances:

Nice Slice of Lemon with your Drink (watch video)

Refreshing Drinks with Ice Cubes (watch video)

Healthy Salads can make you sick (watch video)

Get Germ Infested Foods even from Well Known Restaurants! (You Must Watch this Video by Health Inspections which catches unhygenic workers preparing food and drinks for customers)

Hope you are not hungry: Amazing Restaurant Violations (watch video)

Chicken-Out on Chicken Wings (watch video)

Safer with your Favorite Restaurants (watch video)

Check out your kids’ School Cafeteria (watch video)

We have featured only those stories that have recent accompanying videos. We are sure there are many other violations of the Food Safety Procedures in restaurants across the world. So the next time you go to your favorite restaurant, be sure to check out their kitchen and the way employees handle the food.

If you do come across food safety violations from the restaurants you visit, do report it to the local health authorities and warn your friends about them. Vote with your stomach and your feet, take your business elsewhere.

Public places like restaurants are not the only places you can pick up nasty germs through your foods. Many more people also get sick from eating food prepared in their own homes than in restaurants. Check out our earlier story on “The Top 22 Germ Infested Places“. Even if you have read it before, you may want to revisit it to view some of the new shocking videos, statistics etc featured with the story.

Bon Appétit!

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