Success Factors to Personal Wealth

Success Factors to Personal Wealth

You are never too young or too old to dream big dreams. Who you ARE are not crucial determinant Success Factors to Personal Wealth. What you DO on a regular basis, however, are Success Factors to Personal Wealth!
If you have the success factors or attributes of highly successful and effective people or if you are willing to learn and to acquire such skills, you too can acquire personal wealth beyond your wildest dreams.


Generally, people who have taken small paid jobs when they were young have already acquired some of the necessary success factors that will put them in good stead in running successful businesses later on.
In defining the success factors (below) which will enable you to amass incredible personal wealth, I have used paperboys and rainmakers (high performance sales people, working business owners and partners in a company) as examples of what it takes to be successful:
  • discipline
    • Paperboys have to get up every morning without fail and deliver all the newspapers before everyone wakes up for breakfast irregardless of the weather.
    • Rainmakers are willing to sacrifice the comforts of today for the bigger rewards of tomorrow;
  • organizational skills
    • Paperboys have to train other kids to act as their replacement in case they are unable to deliver the newspapers on that day.
    • Rainmakers know how to train, manage and lead people effectively. They also know how to deliver their product or service consistently and systematically to the customer’s requirements and satisfaction.
  • salesmanship
    • Paperboys know that if don’t sell the newspapers, they don’t paid. They realize that they must keep their customers satisfied if they want to keep them.
    • Rainmakers recognize that sales is essentially knowing how to make friends and influence people. Read Dale Carnegie‘s timeless classic book on this subject if you are serious in wanting to be a rainmaker in any business. As Lee Iacocca says: “If you can’t get along with people, you shouldn’t be in this business (sales) “. We make sales everyday (but we do not get paid for it) when we make any recommendation that convinces someone to get more information, try, buy, use more or replace something. They also treat each customer as special and important and give each customer a personalized sales presentation geared to their specific needs and concerns. No Sales = No Customers = No Income = No Companies;
  • goals and a good value system
    • Paperboys do not buckle under peer pressure. Making money so they can enjoy a better quality lifestyle more important to them than what people think about them.
    • Rainmakers are not worried about rejections or the fear of failure and do not to let negative people or thoughts influence them. They believe in themselves and passionately in what they do;
  • self-starters
    • Paperboys stay fit, ensure their bicycle is in good working condition, wake up early, make their paper route and go to school without parental supervision.
    • Rainmakers are prepared to do whatever is necessary to be successful. They do not need anyone to remind them what they must do each day. They enjoy what they do and are highly motivated towards continuous self-improvement and renewal.
  • flexible
    • Paperboys must deliver newspapers according to changing clientale, weather and road conditions.
    • Rainmakers are responsive, adaptable and proactive to changes in the market place. Changes brings challenges, breaks inertia, rituals, habits etc and provides new opportunities and new results. As Albert Einstein said: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

With proper mental attitude, better (newly acquired) sales techniques and the personal freedom and responsibility to pursue higher productivity, you too can be successful in business.

Your next task is to choose the right business which can give you long term, high leveraged growth. One that can give you a quality lifestyle which allows you to take a series of well-earned mini-retirements now – rather than when you are too old or too sick to fully enjoy it.

Tim Ferriss (an American writer, educational activist, and entrepreneur) captures this lifestyle / work ethic concept brilliantly in his bestselling semi-autobiographical self-help book: The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich (2007).

For more information on bringing Personal Success into your life click here

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