Eulogy for My Father

Eulogy for My Father

This is My Eulogy to My Father

Dear Dad,

I’m so grateful to have such an understanding and loving father as you.

You did not have much of an education and you did not even know the day and month you were born. But I learned a lot of life lessons from you.

You suffered a terrible world war and lost both your parents but you were not mentally scarred by it.

You never got into a fight though you were no coward. Who would want to pick a fight with a tall guy like you?

You are a true entrepreneur even though you did not have any formal schooling and was left an orphan with two younger siblings to take care of all by yourself. After the devastating World War II, you started working as a Coffee Boy. By saving every cent you could, you managed to accumulate enough money to buy a second hand car and provide private transportation for schooling children and running errands for the people of our village. Even when we were not rich, we looked rich because we were one of the very few families in the village with a car (cars were a luxury item in the ’50s). Later from the earnings of the transport service, you managed to upgrade to a mini-bus as your business prospered. At some stage, you also acted as a broker – buying and selling houses and earning commissions from it. I have a vivid childhood memory of you as someone who had a good lifestyle – working just a few hours a day, and having lots of free time at home and indulging in a friendly game of mahjong (a chinese card game played with tiles). Without much money, no mentor, no education, you established a reasonably good lifestyle. I can imagine how successful you would be given the right couching environment. Your business experiences and lifestyle motivated me to want to start my own business later in life.

I was told that you had many girlfriends before you were married, but you were totally faithful to mom and us and only remarried when mom had passed away in the ’80s.

You were an easy person to talk to and more importantly, you were a good listener. You always had time for the family.

I could hear your laughter across the room, though you spoke softly when we were close by.

You always saw the good in any situation. Nothing seem to let you down. Even when family expenses burnt a big hole in your pocket.

You took good care of mom, my brother and me when we were sick. Never complaining. Never begrudging.

You never raised your hand at us though at times I think we really deserved to be spanked.

You somehow managed to anticipate what food I was craving for that day and would come home with my favorite food without me even asking for it.

You gave us a childhood free of barriers. The world was ours to explore and enjoy.

If you had any vices, apart from a harmless game of mahjong, I never uncovered them. Although we were very poor when I was growing up, you always made us so very happy.

Nothing seem to faze you. You were the Calm in the middle of a storm. You were the Quiet Man in this noisy and distracting world. You were the light when darkness befell us. You were the tower of strength.

I think I got a lot of your characteristics like fortitude, inner strength and kindness. To me, you were the best dad in the whole wide world, uncomplaining, uncomplicated and ever supportive.

You were the champion of the unwanted, the helpless and the weak.

I will miss you for many years to come. I will remember and celebrate all the good and bad times we’ve had. I love you and will miss you dearly, dad.

You are My Father, My Hero, My Friend and My Soul Mate.

Have a Good Life in the Next Life.

Hope you like my Eulogy to you, dad…..
Your Daughter,



© – eulogy to my father

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