True Rags to Riches Stories

True Rags to Riches Stories

There are many Rags to Riches stories in Direct Sales. An opportunity to earn a very high income from a low investment – if you persevere and choose the right company to work with.

Choose the Right Network Marketing Company:

Like what my mentor and sponsor would always say “If you join the wrong company (meaning companies which is not going to last very long), you have already failed from day one.All your work will go to waste when the company closes down.  All your efforts will then come to nought and there’ll be no rags to riches stories for you if you join the wrong company.

Have a Big Outcome:

Have A Clear and Crystallized Vision of your Future.When your outcome is big, you are not perturbed by the problems and obstacles you may face along the way.If your Vision is unclear, you will surely stumble and fall.You will get discouraged and quit.That is why so many people fail .Their Vision is blurred. He will not work with anyone who does not have a clear vision.

More Heart:

Most people like to say “I Must Work Hard”.I’d say “More Heart ♥ Put More Passion Into Your Work”.

More Action:

Big & Clear Vision + Right Massive, Consistent Action = Big Outcome.

Follow The System:

A Good System should be Simple, Easy, Effective and Duplicable. I use CD tools extensively for my I have many associates in remote places in Asia and they in turn learn from Leaders through such training CDs.

My recorded speeches made at company Conventions as far back as 2001 are used as motivational tools for my associates. It is no wonder, that many of the Thai and other Asian delegates at regional conventions recognized me even if I don’t know them personally.

Nancy Long’s CD used as unicity marketing tool in Thailand

My 8 Step System:

  1. Be a Franchise Owner / Associate
  2. Set Your Dreams and Target
  3. Name List
  4. Invitation
  5. Show the Plan
  6. Follow Up
  7. Work With the System
  8. Planning and Consultation

The remarkable difference between Singapore and the neighboring countries is that we did not bargain with the company for a lower Start Up amount or a Lower Maintenance. From day one, they stuck to the 500PV (equivalent to S$1200) of initial purchase of products if someone wants to start the MLM business and a Monthly Commitment of 200 PV (about S$500).I wouldn’t to waste time with someone who is not able to raise S$1200 to start a big business.

For those who are unable to consume S$500 worth of product per month, they can, for example, use S$100 and sell S$400.

We were in for a surprise!We found out that many people actually used more than S$500 worth of products per month for themselves and their family.They even wiped out stocks in Singapore because of the high demand.

My team have come a long way.(It is not that long ago – 4-5 years – to go from zero income to a 7 figure annual income (US$, not Baht!).

Amazing to see so many young people ages 20-30 earning between S$10,000-S$30,000 per month.They are  ordinary folks who have Big Dreams.They come from all walks of life – from teachers, nurses, government employees, clerks, secretaries to professionals, and owners of businesses.

For the last 20 years, my mentor been in and out of many network marketing / mlm / direct sales companies.Most of the time, the lifespan of these companies were far shorter than his tenure in the company. Each time a MLM or direct sales company collapsed, he lost everything.He even started his own network marketing company.He finally gave up because it could not provide him the lifestyle he dreamed of:Time + Money Freedom. I’m lucky I did not have to go through such an ordeal

He was also a consultant to some network marketing / MLM companies and that too did not last long. Deep in his heart, he knew that the only way for him to get what he wanted is to build a very successful franchise in a proven company (which has a good track record and offers real, marketable products). The opportunity came when a Presidential Sapphire spoke to him about the business.

The initial start up period  was no plain sailing. At one stage (in 2004), his Associates were reduced from a few hundreds to just a handful.In spite of this major setback, he believed deep in his heart that the business can make his dreams come true.So he persisted with the remaining few leaders and within a few years, they brought in thousands of new Associates.

We also attended the company Seminars and they were packed with more than 2000 enthusiastic people.

His success is an inspiration to millions across Asia. During the trip, we came across many other successful and inspirational direct selling stories.I will share these rags to riches stories with you at another time.

The Thais are experiencing great success with another 30% growth in August 2007.Despite having 100 or more network marketing companies / MLM operating in Thailand, health drinks are selling like hot cakes.It is a drink of choice for their film stars, doctors, politicians, right down to taxi drivers, construction workers.This is a testimony to the efficacy of the company products.

Towards the end of September 2007, the company had a team over 200 delegates to the Japan Convention. By the time they get to Japan, they will have more than 250 new top ranking Associates.This is certainly cause for celebration in the Thai camp. And a victory for direct sellers.

Tip #1 – Join the Right Company

You must join the right company if you want to succeed in a network marketing business / MLM:

The business has a level playing field. People who come in “late” into the business, not only have a chance of doing well, but even exceeding the earnings of those who joined earlier. This is the true test of a good network marketing / MLM company.

With the right company, everyone can succeed – even physically handicapped people, who is wheelchair bound.He became Senior Associate within a few months of joining the company!

Hearing & talking to them is such an inspiration! “People look at me as a person on wheelchair, but my brain is not sitting on a wheelchair! My Dreams do not sit on a wheelchair!” If a physically disabled person simply would not let his handicap stop him from pursuing his Dreams, what about the rest of us?. How often do we meet able people who have forgotten how to Dream? Or worse still, don’t believe they could achieve their Dreams? Let’s share this amazing life story of Pong Sak with them, for it could reignite their dreams.

On being asked how he managed to travel all the way from Chiang Mai to attend the Rally in Bangkok, he said “My heart is with the company, if I want to be there, I will get there!” How powerful!

Similarly, I won’t let excuses stop me from pursuing what I feel is important to me! I’ll just simply do it till I get it – that’s the most valuable lesson for me. If disabled person can do it, so can I!

Tip #2 – Be a Great Leader

The only way to succeed in direct sales is to be a great leader.

A successful Bangkok Business Rally and the following day’s full day training had a turnout of more than 2000 people. The Thais are not only growing , they are growing bigger and faster.

When I saw the size of the crowd attending the Rally, it immediately gave me a motivating thought. The only way to grow to a size like that is to have a good number of leaders. The bigger the organization we want to build, the more leaders we need to have.

We saw a couple of Presidential Club members moving up the ranks during this trip. This is encouraging as it shows that the growth is consistent with people moving up in a predictable manner.

We have all heard company’s CEO talk about the importance of leadership, here in Thailand we got to see leadership at its best. For how can a man run host an event for more than 2000 associates all by himself? Not to mention 2 concurrent sessions of training in one day. Bottom line: Size of Organization = Number of Leaders.

So I guess the question is how do we get a good number of leaders in our organization? Well, we can look at the success of the Thais for inspiration, we can look at our immediate up line for guidance or we can look at the mirror and start working with that person.

Tip #3 – Have a BIG Dream

One of my leaders said “I am inspired to develop myself and more importantly lead myself even more just like how my up line, Nancy Long does, setting an great example and walking the talk. If the Thais can do it, so can we”.

I admire the enthusiasm of Thai people and their Business Associates. Whether young or old, they joined the company with a clear dream in mind.

The turnout of the Rally on the 8 September 2007 was truly awesome. Two thousand plus of them coming to the event with so much energy and enthusiasm! All of them came for the Rally with the correct attitude. Wearing different color polo t-shirts, they reflect unity in diversity.

People who are serious about the network marketing business must know how to dream.They know, too, what it takes to achieve the dream. For example, a Thai lady from the province taught us that anyone can do the business successfully as long as they put their hearts and souls into it. Initially, she did not even dare to talk to people.However, driven by her dream, she learn to open up and persevere, and talk to as many people as possible. She now owns a Mercedes car. Her husband helps to chauffeur her from province to province so she can deliver products. She now has no problems talking to a big group of people.

Tip #4 – Do Whatever it takes to be Successful

My strategy is to:

  1. add more names in my contact list,
  2. call more people, meet more people,
  3. talk to more people about the business and products
  4. and therefore achieve a positive growth in my direct sales organization.

Action speaks louder than words. Less Work / Effort = Less Results. On the other hand, More Work / Effort = Better Results.

Another Rags to Riches Story.

How These 2 Books Change My Life and Gave Me the Lifestyle I Always Wanted

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