“How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling” by Frank Bettger

“How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling” by Frank Bettger

“How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success” by Frank Bettger.


Frank Bettger (1888-1981) was a Major League baseball player who became jobless after an arm injury while playing the sport.He went into insurance sales but was asked to quit because of his poor sales performance with the company.He was packing his personal belongings and was getting ready to leave when he overheard his boss speaking to a group of sales people.

This is what he heard:

Gentlemen, after all, this business of selling narrows down to one thing – just one thing . . . seeing the people! Show me any man of ordinary ability who will go out and earnestly tell his story to four or five people every day, and I will show you a man who just can’t help making good!

Walter LeMar Talbot, President of the Fidelity Mutual Life Insurance Company.

He decided “Yes, I can do that!”By simply applying the Power of Enthusiasm in his sales techniques, he was able to increase his sales by 700% in ten days.

Frank Bettger momentous decision to undergo a complete personal transformation by putting enthusiasm into everything he did has helped him achieve legendary status in the insurance industry.His book “How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success” is still a best-seller today. Frank was so successful, he was able to retire by the age of 42.

Everybody goes through this phase (of wanting to quit) at one point or another of their career.Many give up, but some go on to achieve greatness.All these successful people did was to put in little more effort and adopt a little more positiveness than the rest. In the process, they secured rewards beyond their wildest dreams.

I believe there is a little Frank Bettger in all of us.If each of us approach and share our story sincerely and enthusiastically to 3-5 persons per day, we will surely achieve our sales target.If we do a little more each day, we will be on our way to enjoying phenomenal sales.

Let’s not think about it.Let’s just do it!


Book Reviews:
Nancy Long:

Frank Bettger’s book has been an inspiration to me and his self-help classic has kept me going through those dark days when I was just starting out on a no-salary commission-based direct selling career.

Although the book was published in 1947, its timeless principles of personal development has stood the test of time. Frank was raised by his improvised widowed mom and had no formal education beyond 6th Grade. Though lacking in a formal education, he strongly believed and developed a passionate hunger for continuous learning and skills acquisition.

He introduced to me the concept of making the car my very own mobile study room. Instead of listening to music, I always had several “study” cassette tapes (now CDs) in my car which I would listen to again and again until the key success principles were permanently imprinted into my mind. He also instilled in me the value of books. A library of good books is like a circle of learned friends who will support you when you’re down and out and lift you up when you are on top of the world.

Even if you don’t have a car of your own, you can still own a mobile library. All you need is to convert your Audio Books into mp3 and play it on your mp3 or Ipod player. Listen to it on public transport, when you’re walking or having some refreshments. Nourish your mind as well as your body, and you will see the changes you desire.

The book has a wealth of gems from Frank Bettger like:

“I no longer worry about being a brilliant conversationalist. I simply try to be a good listener. I notice that people who do that are usually welcome wherever they go”.


Frank Bettger’s 3 Secrets to Sales Success

  1. Know a sales process and follow it!
  2. Set specific goals and stick to them.
  3. Track your activity and reflect on the data.

Read his book and learn in detail how these 3 aspects of the sales process can improve your sales dramatically. Book Topics include:

  • The Power of Enthusiasm
  • How to Conquer Fear
  • The Key Word for turning a Skeptical Client into an Enthusiastic Buyer
  • The Quickest Way to Win Confidence
  • How to Deliver a Winning Sales Talk
  • Seven Golden Rules for Closing a Sale

Dale Carnegie:

How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling will be helping salesmen, regardless of whether they are selling insurance, or shoes, or ships, or sealing wax, long after Frank Bettger has passed away.

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale:

How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling has helped me immeasurably, and anyone who wants to be a successful person should read it.

This 255 page book is the Bible for everyone who wants to be successful in selling. Here are the book chapters for “How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling ” by Frank Bettger. Buy it and make it a part of our reference library. It will come in handy when you have some problems in selling:

Introduction Chapter:

Introduction: What I Think of This Book by Dale Carnegie

Author’s Preface: How I Happen to Write this Book

Part One: These Ideas Lifted Me Out of the Ranks of Failure

Chapter 1: How One Idea Multiplied My Income and Happiness

Chapter 2: This Idea Put Me Back into Selling After I had Quit

Chapter 3: One Thing I did that Helped me Destroy the Biggest Enemy I Ever Had to Face

Chapter 4: The Only Way I Could get Myself Organised

Summary – Part One.

Part Two: Formula for Success in Selling

Chapter 5: How I Learned the Most Important Secret of Salesmanship

Chapter 6: Hitting the Bull’s-Eye

Chapter 7: $250,000 Sale in 15 Minutes

Chapter 8: Analysis of the Basic Principles Used in Making that Sale

Chapter 9: How Asking Questions Increased the Effectiveness o My Sales Interviews

Chapter 10: How I learned to Find the Most Important Reason Why a Man should Buy

Chapter 11: The Most Important Word I have Found in Selling has only 3 Letters

Chapter 12: How I find the Hidden Objection

Chapter 13: The Forgotten Art that is Magic in Selling

Summary – Part Two

Part Three: Six Way to Win and Hold the Confidence of Others

Chapter 14: The Biggest Lesson I ever Learned About Creating Confidence

Chapter 15: A Valuable Lesson I learned about Creating Confidence from a Great Physician

Chapter 16: the Quickest Way I Ever Discovered to Win Confidence

Chapter 17: How to Get Kicked Out!

Chapter 18: I Found This an Infallible Way to Gain a Man’s Confidence

Chapter 19: How to Look Your Best

Summary – Part Three

Part Four: How to make People Want to do Business with You

Chapter 20: An Idea I learned from Lincoln helped me Make Friends

Chapter 21: I became More Welcome Everywhere when I did This

Chapter 22: How I learned to Remember Names and Faces

Chapter 23: The Biggest Reason Why Salesmen Lose Business

Chapter 24: This Interview Taught Me How to Overcome My Fear of Approaching Big Men

Summary – Part Four

Part Five: Steps in the Sale

Chapter 25: The Sale Before the Sale

Chapter 26: The Secret of Making Appointments

Chapter 27: How I Learned to Outsmart Secretaries and Switchboard Operators

Chapter 28: An Idea that Helped Me get into the “Major Leagues”

Chapter 29: How to Let the Customers Help You Make a Sale

Chapter 30: How I Find New Customers and Make Old Ones Enthusiastic Boosters

Chapter 31: Seven Rules I Use in Closing the Sale

Chapter 32: An Amazing Closing Technique I Learned from a Master Salesman

Summary – Part Five

Part Six: Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

Chapter 33: Don’t be Afraid to Fail!

Chapter 34: Benjamin Franklin’s Secret of Success and What it did for Me

Chapter 35: Let You and I Have a Heart to Heart Talk



How to Win Friends and Influence People / Think and Grow Rich

How to Influence Customer Behavior

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  1. This is a fanatic book and a classic!

    I have read several times and always get more from it when I read it. I wish their was a cd or something to load on my iPhone.



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