Can’t Watch YouTube

Can’t Watch YouTube


Technical Solutions if you Can’t Watch YouTube Videos on your PC


Unable Watch YouTube Videos (and Google Videos)?

These are the common problems related to PCs which can’t watch YouTube or Google Videos etc:


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.1. Adobe Flash Player (uninstall old version and install the new version correctly)

2. Java / Active X software

1. From the Tools menu, or the Tools drop-down in the upper right, choose Internet Options… .

2. Click the Security tab.

3. Click Custom Level… .

4. Scroll to the “Scripting” section of the list. Click Disable or Enable.

5. Close and restart your browser.

for Internet Explorer 6

1. From the Tools menu, choose Internet Options… .

2. Click the Security tab.

3. Click Custom Level… .

* Java: Scroll to the “Java” section (under “Java VM”, under “Java permissions”). To disable Java, click Disable Java. To re-enable Java, click a different setting, such as High Safety or Medium Safety.

* JavaScript: Scroll to the “Active scripting” section of the list (under “Scripting”) Click Disable or Enable.

4. Close and restart your browser.

3. Java Script Blocking Programs

4. Pop Up Blockers

5. Firewall Program (make Youtube a trusted site)

6. Setting YouTube as Default Streaming Application

7. Slow Downloading | Buffering | Interruption of Videos (probably due to high traffic, watch at off-peak time or wait till the streaming indicator shows that the video has been fully streamed to your player before playing)

8. Enabling Cookies

9. Cache & Cookies

10. Internet Browser Problem (update your browser, try Firefox or Opera if problem persists)

11. Spyware & Viruses (scan your PC for virus or malware)

12. Slow Internet Speed

13. Watching YouTube on Old PCs. (Upgrade your internet connection. Get Broadband rather than Cable from your ISP. Many videos on Youtube are now big files. You need speed to keep the videos to run smoothly)

14. No Audio (check your soundcard is configured correctly)

15. Sharing YouTube Videos

16. Watching YouTube in Full Screen Mode (use standard mode if FSM is a problem). Select the lowest quality setting (usually 240p), if video freezes

17. YouTube Help Desk (see link below)

18. Internet Privacy (check your PC settings)

19. Protecting Access to your Private Webcam etc Files (disable webcam)

20. Video Sharing Sites (via offline filezilla downloads)

21. Update to new Windows version. (XP will give you a crappy experience as it is not supported by Microsoft anymore)

22. If you computer is more than 5 years old, it’s time for an upgrade. (You need faster processors to handle the newer video codecs/players).

23. Do you have many USB devices attached to your PC which is draining your Ram Memory? (either upgrade the memory chip) or safely disable some of the unused USB devices particularly your 2.5′ portable hard disks -especially those that are showing signs of crashing or are unresponsive).

24. Defragment your hard drives particularly your C: drive and check for problems (bad sectors, junk .tmp files etc)

25. The Last Resort – Re-Format Your Drive (OMG)!!!!!


Full details and solutions to problems about not being able to watch youtube videos can be found by clicking on this new link below:

Can’t Watch YouTube

Can’t get the answer here, try the YouTube / Adobe Forums, maybe they can help you.

Your best bet is simply to Google. There’s always an answer out there in Googleyland. Good Luck.

Thank you.

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18 thoughts on “Can’t Watch YouTube

  1. i could not watch youtube as it keep show “error occurred, please try again” ans some think i am able to watch but after i reload the same web page the message came out agai.

  2. I can watch about 4 seconds….then it stops for about ten seconds….then it will play again….for about 4 seconds….does this thru the whole video….THEN…..i can watch it again and it will play the entire video without stopping…..AFTER….i go thru this process….PLEASE HELP!!!

    • Possible solutions:
      1. get a faster internet connection
      2. click on the quality tab (at the bottom of the video screen) and select 240p (lowest resolution possible)
      3. do not use full screen if you have problems with full screen
      4. download the youtube file and watch it on your PC. Google “youtube downloader” a select a program suitable for your PC. RealPlayer is one option.
      Hope this helps.

  3. Exceptional post but I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this subject?
    I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Thanks!

    • YouTube does good write up and videos on this subject now, so I don’t cover this subject now.
      Generally people don’t have much problem with watching Youtube now. The most important advice I can give is:
      1. update your web browser eg Internet Explorer, etc
      2. update to new Windows version, XP will give you a crappy experience as it is not supported anymore by Microsoft
      3. update your flash player – Adobe
      4. upgrade your internet connection with your ISP. All videos on Youtube are big files. You need speed to keep the videos to run smoothly
      5. use your Anti-virus software to scan your PC. Sometimes the problem of slow internet speed can be due to virus or malware in your system.

      • Oh, I forgot, if you computer is more than 5 years old, it’s time for an upgrade. You need faster processors to handle the newer video codecs.
        Of course if you select to view the videos in the lower quality, you may get by but don’t use the full screen mode.
        Happy Youtube watching!

  4. My PC is 1 year old, runs win 7 Ultimate SVC PK 1, 64 bit, 18 GB ram, Intel Core i7 CPU 960@3.2GHz.
    Java and Flash and up to the minute. Have tried YouTube w/o firewall. Have broadband running at approx. 60-65 megabits per sec. I THINK problem started when upgraded from IE9 to IE10. Am also getting BSOD, but NOT when trying YouTube. Info on shutdowns: BCCode: 122, BCP1: 0x15 A, BCP2: 0x15 4, BCP3: 0x15 4, BCP4: 0x16. That MS seems to blame on an internal error in the Windows Hardware Error Architecture that I cannot locate the source of.
    IE10 add-ons shows ShockWave flash object enabled. Scripting is enabled.
    SOME YouTube vids run normally, but many/most run a few seconds (up to 20 sec) with a slow start and then freeze with no re-start possible. Can, depending on video, move slider across and see thumbnails of other frames but can’t get to them/see them fully.
    Any other ideas would be appreciated!
    Thanks, Joan

    • HI Joan, wow, your problem is a tough call. With your PC specs, I don’t understand why youtube shouldn’t be working on your PC. Perhaps you should check with folks in forums talking about youtube problems. they may be able to give you an answer.

      You could check your broadband speed to see if it performs according to your ISP stated speed.

      Also you could install a free version of Wise Care 265 and use your anti-virus to check if your PC is infected.

      Hope you find a solution to your problem.

      • Thank you so much for your input. Yes the actual speedtest done comes back at approx. 60-65 megabits per sec. It was upgraded (doubled) in the middle of this problem so had nothing to do any of this. I was thinking of replacing the graphics card (GeForce GTS 450) but Dell’s hardware checker comes back perfectly on every test. Most, but not all, of the BSOD were when surfing the ‘net with quite a number of sites open in different windows, tabs and browsers AND a graphics program or two. RAM never came close to maxing out. About half those STOPS were with one browser open, ie 10. I had tried going back to ie9 thinking it was part of the BSOD, but it wasn’t so upgraded to ie10 and I think that’s when the YouTube problem started. I have Zone Alarm and had run several different anti-malware, rootkit finders, etc, etc. but will also try Wise Care 265. Again, thank you for your input. Joan

  5. Update on above issue: Chrome and Firefox did not work either. The Nvidia graphics card driver was updated as part of the fix attempt. A few hours after posting above note, Nvidia issued another driver that no longer allowed my desired resolution, but YouTube worked sometimes. A few hours after that, installed a beta driver update with a CLEAN install.
    YouTube now WORKS on all vids tried on all 3 browsers. To the best of my memory, the YouTube problem did NOT occur immediately after earlier Nvidia driver installs. Here’s hoping for a BSOD fix in that mess as well!
    Thank, Joan

    • If you’ve tried all else, maybe you should upgrade to the new OS like Windows 10 because many videos now use html5 and older browers don’t support it especially even the newer versions of Firefox

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