What does “SG” in Nancy Long SG stand for?

What does “SG” in Nancy Long SG stand for?


Well, there are many “Nancy Longs” on the Internet. So to avoid confusion with my namesakes, I have tagged “SG” to my name. “SG” stands for Singapore where I am based currently. As I am in a borderless business, I can work in any market I choose. If tomorrow Thailand, for example, becomes my biggest market, I could operate from that country or I could stay in Singapore and still effectively grow the Thai market. That is the beauty of borderless marketing, you can work anywhere and still build a huge market.

To all the Nancy Longs out there, I say “Keep the Nancy Long flag flying high. Long may you prosper“.

It’s interesting, the surname”Long” is prevalent both Europe and Asia. In the long distant past, either one of our ancestors may have crossed continents and we “Long” may be related if we trace our ancestry far enough. I know that a “Long” comes in different colors and shades, but what the heck, why can’t believe in a universal dream of brotherhood or sisterhood? Underneath it all,we have more in common than we care to admit. In a world of increasing interconnectivity, we should not be clinging onto old baggage that have been inbred into our Cultural, Religious and Social Consciousness and see the bigger picture.

Let’s work together and make this a better World to live in.

The world is going through a major crisis currently. If everyone of us do our part, we can, together, change the world for the benefit of our children and for the future generations that come after us.

Peace, Love and Happiness.

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