Nancy Long SG – The Recruiting Machine

Nancy Long SG

The Recruiting Machine

“Someone once said that great gifts come in small package but is is one of Unicity’s greatest business builders in Singapore. Nancy Long has PERSONALLY RECRUITED OVER 100 BUSINESS ASSOCIATES and helped her organisation duplicate her success. She rose from a new Business Associate to PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTOR IN 4 MONTHS. Six months after that she achieved the rank of Presidential Sapphire, the 3rd highest rank in Unicity.

Nancy Long SG - The Recruiting Machine

Nancy Long knows the meaning of commitment and not looking back. When Singapore amended the Multi-Level Marketing Act in 2000, Nancy saw the opportunity. She walked away from a seven figure income as an insurance executive to start a new career with a MLM company. She totally believes that she is in the right company at the right time to be part of the network marketing explosion of the new millennium.

The stresses of Nancy Long’s insurance job had taken its toll on her body. Suffering from chronic fatigue, joint and body pains and unable to sleep more than 2 hours a day, Nancy began taking nutritional products to improve her health.



“I must continue to recruit each month and do the basics or I can’t tell my people to follow me. Our job is to recruit and help others to do the same, not to manage and depend on others to do your work for you. People don’t want to be managed, they want to follow a true leader”


“The first 90 days for a new Business Associate are critical for business builders. I help my people intensely for 90 days so they can have early success and keep growing and stay with the business”


“All it takes is a few key people who want to be successful as much as you do and you will grow a large organisation. The key is to find those people”


“If a person will stay on Autoship and use the products for at least 3 months, they will be a customer for life. We have great products. When people use the products for several months, they don’t want to be without them. Get your people on Autoship from the beginning” More

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© 2005 – This article on Nancy Long was written by the management of Unicity Singapore Ltd and featured in Singapore Business Builder Success Story Newsletter October 2005 issue:


Nancy Long is no longer with Unicity since early 2013 as she has found a company that has a better management and field leaders, superior products, more lucrative compensation plan and generally a more professional marketing plan. She is now a high ranking business builder in Isagenix where she continues her trail blazing work of opening new markets for Isagenix in Asia.

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© – Nancy Long SG – the recruiting machin

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