Nancy Long SG Interviewed

Nancy Long SG Interviewed

This was reproduced from Nancy Long‘s interview in a newsletter: (CLICK ON PICTURE TO ENLARGE IMAGE)
Nancy Long interview

Nancy, first of all, can you please do an introduction of yourself?

Q1. What were you doing before you joined this company?

I led one of the top insurance agencies in Singapore with sales turnover in excess of $2 million a year and as a result won many prestigious awards as top regional performer and earned a 7-figure income a year.

Q2. So Nancy, why did you leave a highly profitable business to join this company?

When the Singapore Government amended the Multi-level Marketing Act, I knew that I should explore this new opportunity as I foresaw that the coming tide of economic change. When I read books about network marketing and the “Next Trillion“, it confirmed even more my decision to make the momentous switch – even if it meant a big loss of income at the initial stage.

Q3. Nancy, you climbed the ranks of Unicity very fast, from new recruit to Presidential Sapphire within 13 months. How did you do that? What did you do that others can also do?

Lots of things in life do not happen by chance. For me, all the successes I have had were planned for, and they always follow these steps:

1. Know exactly the amount or target I want to reach and find out how to get it;

2. Massive action, which for me meant sharing the opportunity with 3 or 4 people a day, everyday;

3. Follow up and follow through, with persistence and unshakeable faith that what I want, I will get.

As soon I bought into the business, I set a target to reach 45,000 OV (about S$90,000) in 3 months. Working backwards, on the basis that each person will buy 100PV or roughly S$200 of products,

I quickly figured out that I would need to have an organization with 450 people using our products. Thinking of the figures alone inspired me, and got me excited. So, I proceeded to share with 3 or 4 people a day so that I could reach about 100 people in the first month. Everyday, I was calling people, meeting up with them and drawing circles. Within the first month, I personally sponsored 40 people. Then, I proceeded to help the 40 people to get 10 people each.

I organized sessions in the first month at my condo apartment until the crowds started to spill over into my bedrooms. Thereafter I shared the concept of the business and the benefits of the products at my condominium Clubhouse function room every weekend.
At the beginning, we had 8 to 10 people. Week after week, the number multiplied. By the 4th month, our group did S$160,000 instead of the S$90,000 I targeted. Within 10 months, our group volume grew to nearly S$500,000.

Q4. Can others do what you did?

Sure. If you want it badly enough, you can do the same, even better. – everything is Possible!


Clearly, the greatest opportunity in the whole world today. More on Nancy Long SG

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