Direct Sales by Nancy Long SG

Direct Sales by Nancy Long SG

Your Network Marketing Partner in Asia / Worldwide

Having been involved in direct sales and the training of big sales force of over 100 sales people for the past 30 years, I am in the position to help you in various career aspects of selling especially direct sales.

Direct Sales is a very challenging career but the rewards far outweigh the rejections and disappointment that come with it.

Like any business, there is Risk and Reward.


Your greatest Risk in Direct Sales is rejection. Focusing on this aspect of the business (like many unsuccessful Direct Sales people) will surely guarantee that you will join the ranks of failures. For me, I am very happy if I have a rejection. Why? Because every rejection brings me closer to a successful sale. All successful sales people know about the Law of Averages. This is the conversion rate of 30 failed attempts to 1 successful sale. This Law of Averages works for science, creative endeavors and even in daily life. For example, when you were young, how many times did you fall before you learn to walk or ride a bicycle?

Direct Sales can be compared to running a Retail Outlet. Do you keep the store opened only on peak hours like evening times or on weekends? If you did that, your store will go bust in no time. Every successful retailer knows that customers wants convenience and want to shop when they it is convenient for them to do so. The big customers do not like crowds and like to have individual attention when they shop.

Similarly, in direct sales, you keep your “shop” open 24/7 (i.e. 24 hours, 7 days a week). Of course, direct sales have an advantage over retail as you can choose the hours of work depending on market opportunity and your market demographics. If you are a busy mom or an employee, you will choose lunch time or evenings to do your business. This flexi-time work is great as you can organize your time to suit your personal obligations as well as your prospects time.

But flexi-time for most people means “no time” for the business and that is why so many fail. Without discipline, no productive time is devoted to sales. No sales means no income. Prospecting where ever, when ever you have the opportunity to do so, is the key to success in this business.

If you make 3 prospecting calls a day, it is likely to have one face-to-face presentation at least 3 times a week and 3 sales a month – depending on your selling skills. The number of sales is too low? Then make more prospecting calls a day. You will soon see your sales sky rocket as you gain more and more experience When you are new to the business, it is normal for you to get the person who brought you into the business to help you with the presentations. The more successful you are in getting the sales, the more easy it is for you to secure future sales.

So don’t give up. Don’t join the ranks of failures.

Many failures use the excuse that the people who have a “ground floor opportunity” make all the money out of you. This is utter nonsense. When I joined the insurance industry and later the network marketing / MLM industry, there were many people who had joined ahead of me. I did not get a “ground floor opportunity” or a lucky break. I simply learned and worked my way up and within one or two years surpassed their rank achievements and earnings. In the end, those “up line” people quit to look for other “ground floor opportunities” elsewhere but with not much success. It is not about when you join, but what you do to realize your dreams. If you believe in yourself, learn your business, and never ever give up, you will surely succeed.

Choosing the Right Partner

When I refer to Direct Sales, I include insurance sales, network marketing or MLM, internet marketing and other forms of commission based marketing but not salary-based employment.

The key to success is choosing the right partner (a company or enterprise) to partner with. The entity you work for must not quit on you i.e. “Go Bust” or decided to “Divest to Other Opportunities”. It is a fact that 80% of all businesses will close within 5 years of inception and many more after 5 years. Choosing the right partner / company is the key to your financial success. Never let business entities hold you hostage either as an employee or as a distributor / affiliate. The Secret to a long, successful Direct Selling career is to be in total control of your destiny. A Start and Stop Career will only slow down your momentum to the top. I have partnered only 2 corporate entities in my 30 years in direct sales. These companies have been in business for many years, one for more than 100 years and another more than 50 years. It has been a mutually rewarding partnership filled with financial rewards, and personal enrichment and freedom.

Choosing the Right Sponsor

When I joined the 2 corporations, I did not choose my Sponsor. But that is all right as they opened the way for my success. I was a go-getter and was highly motivated to succeed. However, if I had the right Sponsor, I could have gone higher and faster with less effort. My definition of the right sponsor is someone who has brought you into the business and is able to and willing to help you succeed even if your achievements and earnings eventually surpasses theirs”.

The Reward

Personal and Financial Freedom

One thing unique about direct sales is that people of higher rank are willing to help you. This is because if you succeed, so will they – to a certain level. You do not have to put up with any office politics which are prevalent if you are an employee in either a small or large company or corporation. I know of many people who left the corporate world to join direct sales and then went back to the corporate world only to leave it again to re-join direct sales industry because of the personal and financial freedom they enjoy in this industry. In a real direct sales setup, you are really the boss. You learn from the best and you set you own work agenda.

Leverage | Residual Income

Direct Sales is only worthwhile if you are paid Leverage Income & Residual Income. Leverage Income and Residual Income is income you received long after you have made the original sale or “after sales” income.

There is an urban legend that direct sales is continually seeking new customers. This is so if they are only one time buyers. But if they are big buyers, their continued and growing sales will mean greater compensation by the company each month. If they recommend customers to you because they like the way you service them, you can expect your business to grow even more.

Residual Income:

If a customer continues to buy, you will receive a small percentage of the repeat sales by the company

Leverage Income:

If the person you brought into the business makes a sale, the company will pay you a small percentage of the sales commissions. Although the amount per sales is very small, if accumulated through a very large “down line” sales force, it can easily run to a five to six figure income as evidenced by what some people in my company is getting – including myself, of course.

The beauty of leverage income and residual income is that you get paid even if you have to stop work for whatever reason. I have seen many people in my company who by all respects have “retired” from their career in direct sales but continue to receive a big monthly check regularly – if they had built up a large network. Read – Network Marketing vs Direct Sales

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