Purpose of teamrich.wordpress.com

Purpose of teamrich.wordpress.com

Dear Friends & Partners,

How to Use teamrich.wordpress.com

Search by “Categories”:

While WordPress is essentially a blog tool, we will go out of our way to update the “Categories” sidebar so that you can easily find Subject Matter of interest to you.

Search by “Tag Cloud”:

You can also click on the “Tag Cloud” to quickly go to the relevant articles. Of course, as in all blogs, the newer postings are usually at the top and the older stuff at the bottom.

Search Using the “Search Box”:

You can use the site’s Search Engine to find articles with words defined by you.

Top Posts” and “Recent Posts

Top Posts” gives you the most popular articles on the site based on “hits” by Visitors and the “Recent Posts” lists the recent entries to the blog.

Search “Archives” for Previous Months Articles:

After one month, the previous month’s articles will be “Archived” and also easily accessible from the left sidebar.

Entries RSS (for Firefox users)

Firstly, you need to download and install the Mozilla Firefox browser and its add-on “Live Bookmark” plugin. All of them are free and offers more functionality than the Microsoft Internet Explorer. You will have no difficulty accessing both Browsers (Firefox and IE) simultaneously on your PC. Personally, I feel Firefox offers more stability, functionality and security than IE. Firefox is not paying me any money for making this recommendation. Try it and find out for yourself.

Next, click on “Entries RSS” at the bottom of the left side bar. You will be asked if you want to “Add Live Bookmark” – click “OK”.

This is like an email service which will inform you when new articles are added to our website. However, instead of receiving it by email, the titles of the new articles will appear in your Browser Toolbar under the teamrich.wordpress.com bookmark. Click on any article and the Browser will launch the page requested by you.

RSS for Internet Explorer (IE) Browsers

As I haven’t been using IE for years, I am not sure which IE plugin will work with this RSS. Please email me if you know which plugin works with this RSS.

Purpose of teamrich.wordpress.com

  • 1. Provide information for people interested in doing the Isagenix business
  • 2. Give New Members a Fast Start of key Asia-Team Training Materials
  • 3. Keep Asia-Team members informed of new developments and training events

This site will give visitors up todate information about my MLM / Network Marketing / Direct Sales activities. Please do check out our website regularly for lots of interesting and amazing information about our industry.

Articles and Comments are welcomed

They may be subjected to editing to meet space constraints and to integrate the contents with our overall website concept and design.

How to View Videos

If you have problems viewing the videos featured in this site, go to “How to View Videos“.


Nancy Long Asia / Worldwide











© – Purpose of teamrich.wordpress.com

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