Greatest Motivational Songs Ever

Greatest Motivational Songs Ever


These are the most Motivational feel-good, empowering Songs ever recorded, in my opinion. They are the next best thing to listening to self-help motivational speakers.

Feeling down & out? Feeling stressed out and miserable? Need to get pumped up and motivated? These motivational songs may be just the thing you need to get your spirits up and recharged. Need something inspirational, Uplifting, Motivating, Encouraging, have positive attitudes and which may hopefully help you improve your self-esteem? Something to lift your spirits and help you to overcome your battles, to awaken the spirit and set you free (maybe).

Hope you’ll enjoy my selection of the best, most popular favourite motivational / inspirational songs ever on YouTube.

Some are oldies, some are relatively new motivational songs. Some are up-tempo songs, some are mid-tempo. Some are very known chart busters, some are not so well known indies, some even show tunes. Some are not on other people’s list of inspirational songs so there may be gems here. Some are closer to love songs (those lower in the list below) but who doesn’t need love in times of crisis and turmoil and self-doubt? (I’ve selected MOTIVATIONAL VIDEOS WITH LYRICS WHERE AVAILABLE). so you can sing along. The louder you sing these motivational songs, the better you’ll feel. All of them are my personal favourites. NOTE: The videos may take some time to load up if your internet speed is not high fast enough. This list will be updated as new motivational songs are discovered or remembered. ENJOY! ♦


Alesso ft. Tove Lo – Heroes (We could be)>

Brave – Sara Bareilles>

Best Day of My Life – American Authors>

Glad You Came – The Wanted>

Roar – Katy Perry>

Fly – Nicki Minaj – ft. Rihanna>

Happy – Pharrell Williams>

On Top of the World – Imagine Dragons>

Best Day of My Life – American Authors>

Price Tag – Jessie J ft. B.o.B>

Girl On Fire – Alicia Keys>

Chasing the Sun – Wanted>

Perfect – Pink>

Miss Independent – Ne-yo>

Best Song Ever – One Direction>

Boom Clap – Charlie XCX>

Good Time – Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen>

Suit & Tie – Justin Timberlake>

Hall Of Fame – The Script feat.>

Lost Stars – Keira Knightley>

Shake It Off – Taylor Swift>

Come & Get It – Selena Gomez>

Unbroken – Coldplay>

Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran>


Green Light – John Legend>

Good Life – One Republic>

I Got a Feeling – Black Eyed Peas>

Settlin’ – Sugarland>

Brighter than the Sun – Colbie Caillat>

Here comes the sun – Sheryl Crow>

One Step at a Time – Jordin Sparks>

The Climb – Miley Cyrus>

Sitting On Top Of The World – Delta Goodrem>

All Star – Smash Mouth>

The good life – Robin Thicke>

Yes We Can – Me In Motion>

Escape – Megan Nicole>


The power of the dream – Celine Dion>

When you believe – Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston>

Perfect Moment – Martine McCutcheon>–ns

Tomorrow (A Better You, Better Me) – Quincy Jones & Tevin Campbell>

Lifted – Lighthouse Family>

High – Lighthouse Family>

Positivity – Suede>

It’s Gonna Be A Lovely Day – Bill Withers>

Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole>

You Get What You Give – New Radicals>

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Jimmy Somerville>

Fly Like an Eagle – Seal>

Are You Gonna Go My Way – Lenny Kravitz>

Keep On Moving – Five>

You’ve Got A Friend – Brand New Heavies>

Perfect Day – Hoku>

Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson>

I’m Gonna Be 500 miles – Proclaimers>

Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen) – Laz Buhrmann>

Bright Future In Sale – Fountains Of Wayne>


Man! I Feel Like A Woman! – Shania Twain>

It’s my life – Bon Jovi>

Conviction of the Heart – Kenny Loggins>

Harvest For The World – Christians>

Jump – Van Halen>

Alright – Supergrass>

If I Had a Million Dollars – Barenaked Ladies>

Young at heart – Bluebells>

Steal My Sunshine – Len (1999)>

Everywhere I Go – Amy Grant>

The Impossible Dream – Luther Vandross>


Gonna fly Now (Rocky) – Bill Conti>

Nothing’s gonna stop us now – Jefferson Starship>

Eye of the tiger – Survivor>

Don’t Stop – Fleetwood Mac>

Don’t Stop Believing – Journey>

What A Feeling (Flashdance) – Irene Cara>

Walking On Sunshine – Katrina & The Waves>

Hero – Mariah Carey>

The Future’s so Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades – Timbuk 3>

That’s the way i like it – KC and the Sunshine Band>

Celebration – Kool and the Gang>

We Are The Champions – Queen>

Hold On – Wilson Phillips>

Winning – Santana>

Start Me Up – The Rolling Stones>

Simply the Best – Tina Turner>

Day by Day – Godspell soundtrack>

Ooh Child – Dino>

Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now – McFadden & Whitehead>

Stayin’ Alive – Bee Gees>

On Broadway – GEORGE BENSON>

Superwoman – Karyn White>

I’m still standing – Elton John>

Dance with Me – Orleans>

You Can Do Magic – America>

Save The Best For Last – Vanessa Williams>

Through the Fire – Chaka Khan>


Edwin Hawkins Singers – Oh Happy Day (Gospel)>

I Can See Clearly Now – Jimmy Cliff>

Super Trouper – ABBA>

Touch A Hand (Make A Friend) – Staple Singers>

Yes We Can can – Pointer Sisters>

Get it on – Marc Bolan & T.Rex>

DESIDERATA – You Are A Child Of The Universe – Les Crane>

Up, Up & Away – The Fifth Dimension>

Workin’ on a Groovy Thing – The 5th Dimension>

Take It Easy – Eagles>

My Way – Frank Sinatra>

Feelin’ Alright – Joe Cocker>


Getting Better – Beatles>

Downtown – Petula Clark>

Stand By Me – Ben E. King>

Respect – Aretha Franklin>

Johnny B Good – Chuck Berry>

I Feel Good – James Brown>

Wonderful World – Sam Cook>

What a wonderful world – Louis Armstrong>

May each day – ANDY WILLIAMS>


Happy Talk – South Pacific movie soundtrack>

Don’t Rain on My Parade – Bobby Darin>

High Hopes – Frank Sinatra>

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah – Bob B. Soxx and The Blue Jeans>

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Eric Worre | 90 Days Can Change Your Life in Network Marketing

Eric Worre – 90 Days Can Change Your Life in Network Marketing (videos)


eric worre - 90 days game blitz can change your life in network marketing Isagenix
eric worre – 90 days that can change your life in network marketing

Learn How 90 Days Can Change Your Life In Network Marketing – Eric Worre

90 Days Can Change Your Life (now available online)

A properly executed 90 Day Game Plan will:

  • take you from invisible to average… from average to extraordinary… and from extraordinary to legendary (you can become a NAME in just 90 short days)
  • allow you to get off the ground (if you’re struggling to get started)… or get out of the “rut” you’re in now and breakthrough to the next level
  • allow you to achieve your earnings goals, advance in rank, and get bonuses that you always thought were out of reach (until now!)
  • solidify yourself as a powerful, influential leader of your team
  • allow you to double, triple, even QUADRUPLE your recruits without spending a single dime
  • take you out of frustration and into a career (if your family thinks you’re crazy, this will prove them wrong and prove YOU right)
  • ensure that you avoid the pitfalls and “rollercoaster” (up and down) income that many network marketers face when they don’t have a solid plan to fall back on

A 90 Day Game Plan can do all of this (and more), but there is a catch…

It only works if it’s done RIGHT.

Watch Eric Worre’s 5 videos on how you can change your life in 90 Days in Network Marketing;

Change Your Life In 90 Days Part 1 of 5 (online training videos)

Change Your Life In 90 Days Part 2 of 5 (video)

Change Your Life In 90 Days Part 3 of 5  (video)

Change Your Life In 90 Days Part 4 of 5  (video)

Change Your Life In 90 Days Part 5 of 5  (video)

Eric Worre presented his “change your life in 90 days in network marketing” at the isagenix celebrations 2013.
learn how you can Change your life with Isagenix. Contact me for more detail$.

Eating Raw Vegetables vs Juicing



Eating Raw Vegetables vs Juicing?



  • When you chew you make saliva – that is full of enzymes, predominantly amylases. Chewing also provokes very hormone release which of course, along with other factors tells your liver, pancreas and small intestine to produce and secrete more enzymes for metabolising.  There are over 10,000 enzymes and co-enzymes in the body – a many are used for metabolizing our food.
  • Smoothies can present a problem, as often large amounts of fibrous matter are swallowed without the benefit of mechanical breakdown (chewing) and initial chemical breakdown, also in the mouth (salivary amylase). If there are any digestive weaknesses, one can end up with serious bloating.
  • Of course, eating raw fruits and vegetables is beneficial when they are organic and contain no GMOs.
  • Juicing and smoothies are good in the old days for fruits but as the latest research or findings by many reputable medical and scientific sources said that fruits contain a lot of fructose, which may not good for health, and suggested the juicing of vegetable juices such as cucumber and other vegetable juices to replace fruit juices. Those people in doubt, should do a bit of research into “The Dangers of Fructose” to find out for themselves.
  • Juicing causes blood sugar to rise so the benefits can be a problem for diabetics. Fiber / pulp helps regulate blood glucose uptake – also ends up eliminating alot of alkali zing minerals and phytonutrients.
  • When people makes juices and smoothies etc, they often use way too much fruit – should be less than 1/4 – although that depends on the type of fruit, ie., grapefruit and lemon are alot different than grapes and blueberries. Often they also eliminate the outer and inner rind, seeds and core – and of course that is where the most nutrient is. Use complete veg and fruit – pulverizing the food makes the nutrition much more bio-available.
  • If you put berries in with other fruit – blood sugar levels shoots up. In addition, strawberries are not good because they have a high affinity with mercury. One its own, berries are great in small amounts because of their levels of anti-oxidants and other phyto nutrients.
  • Eating alkaline fruits and veggies is better than eating acidic ones.
  • Aim for 70 percent veg (mostly greens) and 30 percent fruit, max.   Suggestions if you are juicing are: green apple,  ginger, carrot,  lemon, lime, avocado, pineapple, protein powder, chia seeds, brown flax,  turmeric and cinnamon (though not all at once). All natural, all organic.
  • Juicing is more like supplementing nutrients. Juice is processed food that takes from the whole food important constituents such as, fiber, pigments and more for sure. Fiber is so critical for bulking and actually to be full of food and stay full. Studies indicate also that fiber is not a static by-product as once thought but, that it plays an important role in scrubbing and scouring our blood and intestinal tract from all sorts of waste and perhaps has a role in hormonal regulation as well.
  • Chinese medicine says that cold or frozen foods can impair the function of certain organs, especially the spleen and lungs. Stay away from combining fruits and veggies to avoid bloated stomach.
  • A recent study in the British Medical Journal found that people who consumed more than 3 glasses/week of fruit in the form of juices actually increased their risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes by 8 percent, while those who ate the fruit whole lowered their risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 2 percent.
  • Juicing extracts the nutrients and water from a vegetable or fruit and leaves behind the fibrous pulp and depending upon the fruit increases the sugar content. For example, a juice containing three beets, two carrots, two stalks of celery, one cucumber, and one small apple is about 40 grams of sugar (note one 12oz coke contains 39 grams of sugar).
  • A diet made of 80% fresh vegetables and juice, whole grains, seeds, nuts and a little fruits help put the body into an alkaline environment. About 20% can be from cooked food including beans. Fresh vegetable juices provide live enzymes that are easily absorbed and reach down to cellular levels within 15 minutes to nourish and enhance growth of healthy cells.
  • To obtain live enzymes for building healthy cells try and drink fresh vegetable juice (most vegetables including bean sprouts) and eat some raw vegetables 2 or 3 times a day. Enzymes are destroyed at temperatures of 104 degrees F (40 degrees C)
  • The best way to wash fresh produce is by soaking them in vinegar for a few minutes


Image influencing customer behavior by brian tracy - why people buy
influencing customer behavior by brian tracy – why people buy and how you can make a successful sale


Brian Tracy – Influencing Customer Behavior

Here are some Reasons why people buy:

To do that you must first Uncover their deep subconscious needs, their Buying influences. Their hot buttons. (These are short notes taken from Brian Tracy’s video link below on Influencing Customer Behavior. To understand these notes fully, please watch the video )

Here’s how to influence customer behaviour:

1. TRIGGERS – Reciprocity and Obligation


  • Incremental Commitment (you expect people will not be interested until you know what they really want) consistency – Uncover the customer’s buying strategy. Reasons Why they bought that (alternative) product?
  • Social Proof (similar to others, who else has bought it before?)
  • People with similar backgrounds who bought the product & Testimonials (letters, lists, photos eg Look Book)

3. LIKEABILITY (emotional decision making)

  • HIgh Self Esteem equals Positive Mental Attitude – be likeable, be cheerful, be friendly, smile, If you want people to like you, you must love yourself first.
  • Reciprocate. They want to stay even by reciprocating – emotional & physical (financial) to get out of the sense of obligation
  • Do favours / kindness
  • Send Thank You notes / cards
  • Small treats like coffee at breakfast time


  • People like / trust you.
  • Be cheerful, smile, be friendly, be fun to be with,
  • You care about them,
  • Look Healthy


  • Expertise (learn enough to be confident about what you are selling)
  • Publications (show and sell)
  • Radio & TV links
  • Symbols of Success


  • Implies value
  • Creates urgency (limited time it will be available at that price, quantity etc). A Special offer. Sampling.
  • Contrast with other products. Always start with the higest priced item and end with the lowest price item. It’s better, new, cheaper, safer, natural, no artificial ingredients etc.


  • Because… (benefits)
  • Recommend….(reasons)


I always recommend Brian Tracy’s DVD “Successful Selling”
Influencing Customer Behavior
How to get your customers to buy more, faster and at any price!

Image influencing buying behaviour by brian tracey
step by step guide to making a successful closing sale
Image successful selling by brian tracy - influencing customer behavior
“successful selling” by brian tracy – influencing customer behaviour. Highly recommended



Check out other articles on Nancy Long under the motivational section of this site.

8 Ways of Thinking To Make You Become Rich

8 Ways of Thinking To Make You Become Rich

8 Ways of Thinking To Make You Become Rich

8 Ways of Thinking To Make You Become Rich
8 Ways of Thinking To Make You Become Rich

You may not know this, but your thoughts can affect your life. Thoughts are things. Scientists have measured vibrations of people’s thoughts and emotions, and they have found that positive, happy thoughts like love and appreciation vibrate very quickly. However, thoughts like fear, frustration, and envy vibrate very slowly. The phenomenon called the Law of Attraction explains the connection between your thoughts and your life – even your financial situation. In order to become rich, you must first be aware of the thoughts you have about money. If you find that you have any negative thoughts, you need to change them ASAP if you want to become rich. Here are 8 ways you can do that.

Click on Link:

8 Ways of Thinking To Make You Become Rich


8 Essential Skills They Didn’t Teach You In School

8 Essential Skills They Didn’t Teach You In School

Image 8 Essential Skills They Didn't Teach You In School
8 Essential Skills They Didn’t Teach You In School

What are the top skills that should be taught to every man, woman, and child who enters our education system? Here are a few that aren’t taught at all:

1. How to Make People Like You and Network

For a skill that affects every area of your life (from dating, to family, to work), it’s amazing how little people know about this. There is great power in knowing you can reach out to your network whenever you have a problem to solve, to be able to reach key influencers at conferences and meetings, to make an impression on audiences, to project confidence and trustworthiness, and to make friends with other successful people.

Required readingHow to Win Friends and Influence People and How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships.

2. How to Speed Read and the Power of Audio Books

Speed reading and speed comprehension is real. The nominal investment of time it takes to learn pays off in spades for the rest of your life. The same goes with audio books. If you spend an hour per day in the car learning instead of cursing at other drivers, you will have attended the equivalent of an entire semester course.

Required readingThe Psychology of Achievement by Brian Tracey

3. How to Set Goals and Manage Time

Want to know how to get anything done in life? Our school system doesn’t feel that this is worth teaching. If you have ever found yourself being busy all day only to wonder what you accomplished at the end of it, then you need to learn this.

Required reading: Getting Things DoneEat That FrogNo B.S. Time Management For Entrepreneurs

4. How to Read a Financial Statement

Robert Kiyosaki is fond of saying that the rich teach their children how to read financial statements and the poor do not. Schools have never been very good at teaching people how to get rich, probably in no small part because professors are generally poor and wouldn’t know how to teach it.

Required readingCash Flow Quadrant, or this blog article

5. How to Negotiate and Use Contracts

If you want to accomplish anything of significance you’re going to have to work with other people. There is a certain art to structuring good contracts and measuring results. School teaches you none of this and most people have to learn it from the school of hard knocks.

Required reading: Donald Trump’s The Art Of The Deal

6. How to Save and Invest

People are never taught how to build wealth, which is why the nation is in credit card debt. Moreover, people are never taught the power of passive income streams and how to really break free from the rat race of working 9-to-5. There is a whole body of literature on this topic which is never even touched upon in traditional education.

Required readingThe Richest Man In BabylonThe Millionaire Next Door, or Ben Franklin’s The Way To Wealth

7. How to be Successful in Life

Some people have devoted a lifetime to understanding what makes people happy and successful. There are the big three: health, wealth, and relationships. People need to find what they really want to do with their life. There is a lot to learn here!

Required readingWhat To Say When You Talk To YourselfWhen I Say No I Feel GuiltyThink and Grow RichThe Way Of The Superior Man

8. How to Spread an Idea and Basic Marketing

The basics of marketing are something everyone should understand. Even if you don’t think you’re in marketing, you’re in marketing. If you have an idea at work, or want to get a raise, or want to convince your kids to go see a movie, then there is something applicable from the marketing world.

Required readingDan Kennedy’s The Ultimate Sales LetterCopyBloggerThe Psychology of Influence



I was shocked when I read this CHI Best Protein QUALITY Chart
All along I thought I was eating “healthy“.

Luckily for me, I have had a new priority shopping list (since last year) when I replaced some of the highly acidic foods I’ve been eating with Isagenix’s IsaLean and IsaPro Whey Protein shakes. It has helped me lose weight in the beginning (12kg). But now, it is helping me stay healthy and gain lean muscle so I don’t look like an old woman even though I’m in my 60s.

What is even more satisfying is that I am not spending extra money as I’m replacing unhealthy acidic and even toxic foods with healthy foods (at least once a day). Yup, Isagenix is food!

So if you seriously want to stay healthy, it is time to change to the best protein quality food that money can buy. We are deluding ourselves when we say that we are eating “healthy” when we buy food from restaurants and supermarkets (see chart).

You are what you eat. So here’s to a healthier you.

Image best protein food chart CHI
best protein food chart CHI

Protein Differences

Whey Protein 

This protein from milk is a by-product of cheese making. About 20% of the protein in milk is whey and 80% is casein.


  1. Whey is the highest quality protein, better than all other animal proteins.
  2. Digests fast; won’t leave you feeling full.
  3. Supports immune health from certain protein components.
  4. High in BCAAs (branched chain amino acids), important for bodybuilders and dieters since BCAAs can be used for fuel, potentially sparing muscle tissue.
  5. Good for lactose-sensitive people.


  1. Because it digests fast, it won’t keep you satisfied for very long.
  2. Lower in naturally occurring glutamine than milk (casein) proteins, which is why glutamine is added to some formulas.

Milk Protein (Casein)

Casein is the predominant protein in milk. For example, the protein in cheese and cottage cheese is casein. Sometimes called calcium-, sodium- or potassium-caseinate.


  1. This ‘slow’ digesting protein keeps you full longer since it must form a gel during digestion before it is absorbed. This slower transit time may extend the exposure of the protein in the intestines and may help increase absorption.
  2. Has a naturally high glutamine content, higher than whey, soy or egg.
  3. Along with whey, casein is one of the best proteins for building muscle.
  4. Very low in lactose.


  1. Some people have allergies to casein protein. If you have milk allergies from lactose only, then casein should not pose any problems.

Egg Protein (egg white or egg albumen)

This protein used to be the ‘gold standard’ that all other proteins were measured against, until whey protein came along. Most formulas contain very little egg protein.


  1. Excellent amino acid profile with sulfur-bearing amino acids.


  1. Slightly bitter taste.
  2. People unjustifiably perceive it to be high in cholesterol. But the bad rap on egg comes from the yolk, not the egg white. Protein powders use egg white.

Soy Protein

Soy protein is processed from the soybean plant. Most of the fat, fiber and carbs are removed. Since it is a vegetable product, it has no cholesterol.


  1. Reduces heart disease risk.
  2. May help with normal thyroid function to keep your metabolism steady.
  3. High in glutamine, about the same as casein.


  1. Not as high quality of a protein due to limiting essential amino acids.
  2. Not as good as whey or milk proteins for building muscle.
  3. Does not taste very good compared to whey or casein.
Image best protein source
best protein source


As you can see exists few indicators describing whether protein source is quality or not:

  • Biological Value – the proportion of absorbed protein that is retained in the body for maintenance or growth.
  • Protein Efficiency Ratio – the gain in body weight divided by the weight of protein consumed.
  • Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score – the ratio based on the amino acid requirements of humans.
  • Denaturation Level – it mostly describes heat treatment of protein sources.

Email me if you want the best quality whey protein:

IsaLean® Shakes are delicious, nutritionally complete meal replacements that take your health and performance to new levels.

A complete, 240-calorie meal replacement that perfectly blends 24 grams of no compromise undenatured protein, low-glycemic carbs and healthy fats to reduce your caloric intake without depriving your body of much needed nutrition. Fueled by our premium Myo-IsaLean Complex™ protein, IsaLean Shakes are clinically shown to:

  • Burn fat and support lean muscle
  • Reduce cravings and keep you full longer
  • Increase energy and recovery
  • Soy-free with active enzymes to aid digestion
  • Less than $3 per meal, no artificial colors or flavors – best protein quality chart

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