New MLM India

New MLM in India 2017

New USA Billion Dollar MLM company is opening in India 2017

new mlm, network marketing, direct sales, direct selling opening in India, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata 2017
New MLM opening in India


We are an active team in Asia based in Singapore. We are looking for MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Sales leaders in India (especially in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata), Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Also leaders in Middle East.

new mlm, network marketing, direct sales, direct selling opening in India, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata 2017. Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan

Founded in 2009, Florida-based Jeunesse Global operates in over 120 countries worldwide. The company reported annual revenue of $1 Billion annually in sales – making it one of the fastest growth rates of any other Direct Selling Company – Ever!  This earned Jeunesse the No. 18th rank on the DSN Global 100 in 2015. Jeunesse Global announced the acquisition of MonaVie, another prominent health business in the direct selling industry. Looking to consolidate the two business and accommodate rapid growth, it now operates in a 130,000 square-foot building in Orlando as its headquarters.

The company’s compelling vision, high level of integrity, and appreciation for the sales force make it one of the best companies to partner with.

With us, you are joining a direct sales / network marketing team with 0ver 30 years direct experience in building a down line along with creating a customer base in over 121 countries.

With Jeunesse Global you can make an extra income building a team of distributors and promoting retail sales across the globe. With incredible anti-aging products that make up the best Youth Enhancement System on the planet – this is easy.


Our anti-aging skin creams offer extensive benefits that go deeper beneath your skin than any other cream on the market. They target your DNA, for example, and boost growth at the cellular level. Few other skin creams do that.

All products have been tested thoroughly and repeatedly before ever being put up for sale to distributors and customers.


For all of these reasons, Jeunesse Global is one of the most popular network marketing companies in the world and presents a decent opportunity for anyone who is willing to work hard to sell anti-aging creams and nutritional supplements while building a network of successful salespeople beneath them.

All you have to do is share, share, share and you can add a main income or secondary income that allows you to move towards financial freedom. Our company is all about lifestyle and if you are all in we can help you to move towards the life that you have always dreamed up and help to develop a team of distributors and retail customers of your own. Join us today.

How to Get Started as a Jeunesse Global New Member

Getting started right is so important. Here are some goals we suggest you make for yourself so that you have the best opportunity to succeed and develop the right habits from the start:

  1. Sign up via
  2. Download Jmobile and text 10 or more people a day
  3. Set up Monthly Autoship – this allows you to Get Paid
  4. Study up on all products and learn the compensation plan (see video below)
  5. Become an Executive within 48 hours of signing up
  6. Become a Jade member 30 days after enrollment
  7. Become a Pearl member 60 days after enrollment
  8. Help your team to become Executives which makes you a Sapphire 90 – 120 days after enrollment

Please print the Get Started materials below and keep them in a place where you can look at them every day.



The Jeunesse Global family is accepting new members in almost 200 countries from North America to South America to Asia to Africa to Europe and is adding hundreds and thousands of members every day. If you are interested in joining Jeunesse Global then feel free to contact us to learn more. To get this started please watch the video to learn more about the products that Jeunesse Global offers and feel free to navigate to the pages to learn more. Be Generation Young with us!

Don’t miss this unprecedented opportunity. Lock in your position to ground floor business in the Indian subcontinent. The Asian markets are expanding rapidly and the Indian Subcontinent is poised to do  the same. We have already enrolled a few leaders from India, don’t miss out on this tremendous opportunity.


Request for more information now.

Looking forward to building an Asian team with you.



How to be a World Champion

How to be a World Champion

Just like Joseph Schooling:

How to be a World Champion. Lessons learnt from Joseph Schooling 's Gold Medal win (100m Butterfly finals) at the Rio Olympics 2016
How to be a World Champion. Lessons learnt from Joseph Schooling ‘s Gold Medal win (100m Butterfly finals) at the Rio Olympics 2016


What we’ve learnt from Joseph Schooling’s Olympic Gold Medal win in the 100m Butterfly Final @ Rio 2016 which was won against all odds:

  1. Start working on your Goal as early as you possibly can. Start it Now! The Power is in the Now.
  2. Look at your clearly defined, written Goals daily and sacrifice everything to achieve it. Remember why you are “here”.
  3. Focus on Daily Activities that are important and go for gold.
  4. Have the Right Attitude, No Grit, No Guts, No Glory. Don’t settle for second best. Give your all.
  5. Train / Work hard. Start your day as early as possible.
  6. Learn from the best. Get a coach or mentor to help you.
  7. Be Positive. We all have doubts, the trick is to never look back. Believe in yourself. Be confident you can achieve anything you set out to do.
  8. Size does not matter. Being small doesn’t mean you are invisible. Make Big Steps that makes you Unstoppable.
  9. Stay away from Negative people who do not share your goals. Most importantly, do not engage in negative self-talk. Keep your mind in positive mode always.
  10. Work for a higher cause. Serve beyond Self. Be part of something bigger.
  11. Practice Does Not Make Perfect– “Only Correct Practice Does“.
  12. Have a good support group. Surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed.
  13. Prioritise your tasks. You can’t win every battle. Choose which activity you must excel in and win.

2016 Olympian Joseph Schooling from Singapore is on top of the world because of these factors. If we want to be a world champion, we have to adopt Joseph Schooling‘s approach to success.





A short interview (video) with Sam Renga, USANA Diamond Director and Million Dollar Club member talks about what he has learnt from Nanncy Long in network marketing / MLM 16 years ago..These secrets has helped him build a big and strong team with USANA and become a successful network marketeer today.

The 4 Secrets of Being A Successful Network Marketeer / MLM

  • Determine what you want.
  • Decide what you are willing to give up or reschedule to get what you want.
  • Associate with people who will help you get what you want.
  • Have a Plan that works and work the plan.

Sam was one of Nancy Long‘s downline in Nancy’s first MLM company 16 years ago. Previous to this he had no experience in Network Marketing and did not take any supplements.

He became inspired when he read/listened to Randy Gage’s “Escape the Rat Race” book recommended by Nancy Long. That led him on a long journey to be an expert in this industry by reading as many of the network marketing classics available in the market.

Though they are competitors in the network marketing industry, they have stayed in touch and have mutual respect for one another.

Sam also talked about Nancy Long’s forthcoming new book about how to become successful in direct sales based on her over 30 years experience in this dynamic and robust industry. An industry that has made her millions of dollars and take her to the top of the 3 previous direct sales companies she’s been involved in. We will announce details of Nanncy‘s new book here when details are available.

Thank you Sam for being generous in your sharing. – Sam Renga, talks to Nanncy Long

5 Ways to become a Better Networker

5 Ways to become a Better Networker

(even if you are an introvert):
by Dorie Clark, marketing strategy consultant and author

Dorie Clark - Reinventing You 5 Ways to become a Better Networker (even if you are an introvert): by Dorie Clark, marketing strategy consultant and author
Dorie Clark – Reinventing You 5 Ways to become a Better Networker (even if you are an introvert): by Dorie Clark, marketing strategy consultant and author

Useful tips of how to expand your network connections

(Harvard Business Review video)

Below are partial transcripts of the video:

1. Have a better opening

  • Talk about their passions. “What are you most excited about lately?”
  • Get as much info about the other person before telling them about yourself. Find a commonality.
  • “How do you break into the …. industry?”
  • “I’m starting out in a new business… how…?”

2. Become the hub

  • How to be indispensable in a network.
  • You have access to ideas, knowledge, best practices which are useful to other people.
  • You know people and how to accomplish things.
  • Be a host of an event.
  • Do your homework before attending an event.
  • If you get invited, invite them back.
  • “How do you spend most of your time?”


3. Become the host

  • Do regular dinner parties, tea party, BBQ, Sports gathering (4-6 people) to build a relationship.
  • Create an event that you like/enjoy.
  • Make people feel welcome at events, As a regular at events, talk to new people.
  • Look for people who don’t have people to talk to. Be empathetic.


4. Content as networking

  • Create insightful and useful content on social media / blog post which may be useful to your network.
  • Get people to come to you.


5. Bagels vs. Croissants

  • Create space for new people to join your group during networking events. Find an ally / host to help you break in to a closed group.
  • Learn how to recover from a bad connection.
  • Talk about yourself when someone asks about you.
  • Don’t have a private conversation in a network event.
  • “Do you mind if I join you?”
  • Don’t go to these events without your own personal name cards.
  • “I just left my job doing ….., now I looking at my next move”
  • “I’m trying to break into the … industry?
  • Ask thoughtful (second level) questions.
  • Be a professional conversational partner
  • Don’t try too hard to be liked upfront.
  • If you make a mistake, apologise sincerely.
  • Find a commonality with a friend that you can use to follow on.
  • Send notes on what the person is interested in


More info on Dorie Clark:

Your Stand Out (Strengths) Self-Assessment by Dorie Clark
(Get ideas on how to make yourself stand out in network marketing events)

Video on 5 Ways to be a better Networker | Personal Branding

Dorie Clark – Reinventing Your Personal Brand for more info on 5 Ways to become a Better Networker – 5 Ways to become a Better Networker






Before you start taking any herbal medicine or supplement be sure you assess your vitamin needs. Consider your lifestyle and diet. Look for nutritional deficiencies in your diet. There are some medical tests you can do to find out your vitamin or nutritional deficiencies or do research on possible remedies for health symptoms you may have.

It has been well documented that our food supply isn’t as rich in nutrients as it once was. This is due to several factors including mono-crop farming, depleted soil, earlier harvest for longer transports and the varieties being grown. Ideally we take supplements with the intention of supplementing our existing diet.

Environmental toxins and stress can also contribute to health issues.



Below are some tips on how you can select good supplements / vitamins that can help you overcome some of your health challenges and help you stay healthy:

1. Serving Size / Dosage

If the supplement is only one serving size per day especially a multivitamin, you are wasting your time. It is not possible for producers of vitamins to pack all the vitamins into one capsule/tablet to complement your healthy diet.

2. When to take a supplement

It is vitally important to take the vitamins at the right time to help optimize your nutrient absorption. Read the label.

3. Quality

Not all vitamins are created equal. Quality of your supplement makes a big difference as to whether it will help you stay healthy. Avoid partial vitamins which are combined with other chemicals. They are completely different from vitamins from whole, real food.

If you remove a part from the whole, you get “synthetic,” “isolated,” or “fractionated” pieces of the whole. it is not the same. Your body cannot absorb synergistically synthetic supplements with bio-availability being the key concern.

Partial vitamins also requires higher dosages to work as well as good natural vitamins. It is like comparing fast food with real whole foods. The nutrient value lost can be more than 50%. Furthermore, these anti-nutrients can deplete the nutritional value of your foods just like cooking can alter the nutritional value of your food.

4. Price has bearing on Quality

Price is usually a good indication if the supplement is of a good quality. If you buy it from a discount store or from a small producer, you do not know if they have good manufacturing practices in place. If it is cheap, it usually means that there is very little R&D that went into the making of the product. For the true value of the product, compare cost per day than cost per bottle.

5. Where you buy your supplements?

Is it a highly reputable company with highest quality control manufacturing practices?

6. RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance and RD (Recommended Daily Intake) guidelines.

The supplement must meet with the specified minimum RDA/RD amounts.

7. Must include added bonus of essential minerals.

These minerals add their unique layer of nutritional support. Many specialised vitamins lack important minerals.

8. Whether it is evaluated by laboratories or received awards.

Labs that provide clinical evaluation of the vitamin or awards are a good indication of the quality of the supplement. Look for research studies to show that the product is clinically proven to support health.

9. Look for manufacturers with a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility.

A GMP facility must comply with rigid standards, the same standards required by pharmaceutical companies as mandated by the FDA.
This assures that what is in the bottle is the same as what is on the label.
Discrepancies happen more often than you might realise!
Recently a study on 55 brands of vitamin D supplements found they contained between 9% – 146% of what was listed on the label!
Next, you want to know that the raw materials are of high quality.

10. Does the manufacturer have a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each ingredient.

Having a COA means that the raw material is tested by an independent lab and deemed to be contaminant-free.

11. Is it NSF certified. is a respected third-party quality assurance organisation. It verifies that a facility complies with good manufacturing practices, and takes proper steps to ensure product safety and accurate labelling.

12. Other Seals of Approval

Seals of approval from, the Natural Products Association (NPA), the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), and others are indicative that the products are the best supplements to take. However, the absence of such a seal is no reflection on quality, either good or bad.

13. Look for transparent labeling.

Some products contain “proprietary formulas” that do not reveal ingredients’ amounts and concentrations.
It should have the herb’s scientific name, plant part, and an expiration date. It’s also nice to see the plant’s place of origin and whether it was grown organically or wild-crafted (picked in the wild). Companies will say they do this to protect their formulations from their competitors, and we understand this. But less-than-reputable companies hide behind these words to conceal the fact that there isn’t enough of specific ingredients to do you any good.

If you have allergies, you should check if it contains soy, nuts, animal products etc.

14. Avoid supplements which contain binders or coatings

Binders and coatings holds the product together so it can be easily swallowed. Also look out for fillers.  Some of these substances may be bad for your health. Research to find out which substances should be avoided.

15. Label Red Flags

Look for “red flags” on labels—Sucrose (sugar), artificial colouring and flavouring, preservatives, and additives such as shellac, chlorine and other chemicals should be avoided. Check to see if it contains hydrogenated oils.
These are usually hidden in the “other ingredients” category. Watch out for meaningless terms like “nutraceutical” which does not add any value to the supplement.

16. Make sure you are getting the therapeutic dosage.

Some companies intentionally add a miniscule amount of an expensive ingredient so they can add it to the label. “Fairy dust” does not give you right amounts of the ingredient for it to be effective in providing a solution to your health.

17. The vitamin must be formulated with a knowledgeable researchers or herbalists.

Buy products from herbalists who understand the required dosages and possible interactions. The americanherbalistsguild provides useful information on various herbs and how they should be used.

18. Beware of Private Label Supplements

These are supplements created by manufacturers based on existing generic supplements. Look for spelling mistakes, no contact numbers, and hype claims about the value of their product to get an indication of the product reliability.

19. Look for a 30 Day Return Policy

Reputable companies will offer a 30 Day money back guarantee.

20. Avoid overly expensive products.

Expensive does not mean that that it is a very good product. If is it over US$100a bottle, you may be paying too much for the product.

21. Look for Standardized Herbal Extracts vs Whole Herbs.

Traditional herbalists prefer the use of whole herbs, also called full spectrum extracts. Standardize extracts usually means the use of harsh chemical solvents to isolate the main active ingredients. Check for Absorption and Bioavailability Rates.

22. Check whether your supplement will dissolve

USP refers to U.S. Pharmacopeia, an organization that was established to create state-of-the-art standards to ensure the quality of medicines that humans use. This includes vitamin and mineral supplements. An example of the kind of USP designation that you want to look for on the label of a product you are considering would be something like, “this product conforms to the USPXXVII requirements for disintegration and dissolution”.

23. Customer feedback

Always be on guard on user comments on social media. Recommendations can be bought. Always read in between the lines of such user recommendations. Comments on Amazon, particularly those who are “Amazon Verified Purchase” are more reliable.  Put more weight age on recommendations from other health professionals.
The Better Business Bureau rating is also a good gauge of whether the company has a good customer rating and low on complaints or legal issues.

24. Expiration Dates

Always look for an expiration date. While some nutrients, such as calcium and other minerals, maintain their potency for several years, others like vitamins B and C have a significantly shorter shelf life. The FDA doesn’t require expiration dates on supplement bottles, so many companies don’t provide them. I do not recommend buying such products. Who knows how long they’ve been sitting on the shelf or warehouse?

25. Are Dietary Supplements Regulated by the Government?

Contrary to popular belief, dietary supplements are regulatory govt organisations eg

  • FDA regulates the manufacturing of supplements (ingredients that can be included in the supplements and the manufacturing practices)
  • FTC regulates the marketing of vitamins and supplements (eg proper labelling and benefit claims of the products).
Reported statistics on ADE on the medications taken in 2004 - due to adverse drug events and poisoning,..
Reported statistics on ADE on the medications taken in 2004 – due to adverse drug events and poisoning,..
Statistics on number of deaths from prescription drugs 2001 - 2013 by males and females as reported by NIH USA
Statistics on number of deaths from prescription drugs 2001 – 2013 by males and females as reported by NIH USA

26. Adverse Reactions to your Vitamins / Supplements

Don’t believe all the propaganda about vitamins and supplements being unsafe. There are very instances of people getting an adverse reaction from alternative medicinal products if you adhere to the label instructions and choose a good quality supplement. If you are worried about adverse reactions on your supplements, you should be even more worried of the medicines that your doctor is prescribing routinely to you. Do careful research on the medications you are taking to assess your risk of adverse reactions, poisoning, and even death which your doctor will not tell you because if you knew, you wouldn’t take them.

Photo of an x-ray taken of a person's colon area with the vertebrae of their backbone off to one side which clearly shows two supplement tablets, still intact.Take high quality supplements.
Photo of an x-ray taken of a person’s colon area with the vertebrae of their backbone off to one side which clearly shows two supplement tablets, still intact, Take high quality supplements.

What if I pick the wrong supplement?

If the vitamin supplement you are considering doesn’t meet the standards discussed above, it can pass right through your body and do you no good at all.

To give you an example of this, I have actually seen a photo of an x-ray taken of a person’s colon area with the vertebrae of their backbone off to one side. In this photo I could clearly see two supplement tablets, still intact, looking like they had just come out of the bottle. These supplement tablets were poorly made, never disintegrated and would soon end up in the toilet. Photos like these are a graphic illustration of the fact that just because you swallow your vitamin supplement doesn’t mean your body is going to be able to use it.



If you have gotten to the point where you are looking for a vitamin and mineral supplement to take, congratulations. You have taken a positive step towards improving your health and taking better care of your body. However, make sure to continue that commitment to yourself by doing your homework and making sure that you choose a good quality supplement. It makes no sense to go that far then end up wasting your money on something that your body can’t even use.


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Who Takes Supplements | Why – Choosing the Right Supplement / Vitamin

Who Takes Supplements | Why

Who Takes Nutritional | Dietary Supplements / Vitamins, and Why?

Who takes supplements and why?
Who takes supplements and why?


  • 49% of adults used a supplement of some kind in the prior 30 days: 54% of women, 43% of men.
  • Supplement use increased with age: 34% aged 20-39, 50% age 40-59, and 67% over age 60
  • Non-Hispanic whites use more supplements (54%) than Non-Hispanic blacks (38%) or Hispanics (33%)
  • Supplement use is greater in “never” (51%) or “former” (59%) smokers compared to current smokers (30-36%)
  • Supplement use is much more common in those with health insurance (53%) than those without (31%)
  • Supplement use parallels reported exercise, from “low” (43%) to “moderate” (54%) to “high” (56%).
  • Supplement use was higher among those that reported “excellent” or “very good” health (55%) versus “good” (47%) or fair/poor (44%)

Source on above Supplements and Vitamins Usage Research:
Archives of Internal Medicine (now called JAMA Internal Medicine) was Why US Adults Use Dietary Supplements by Reagan L. Bailey and colleagues from the Office of Dietary Supplements at the National Institutes of Health. It also relies on the NHANES dataset, a representative survey of US civilians which began collecting specific information on reasons for supplement use in 2007. Data are collected through interviews, and a Dietary Supplement Questionnaire was used to gather detailed information on each participant’s use of vitamins and other supplements. This survey reports the results from 11,956 adults (children, young adults (< 20 years), and all pregnant and lactating women were excluded from analysis). Here’s the snapshot of the participants:

Most Popular Reasons People Take Supplements / Vitamins

  • “to feel better” (41%)
  • “to improve your overall energy levels” (41%)
  • “to boost your immune system” (36%)
  • “digestive issues” (28%)
  • “lower cholesterol” (21%)
Top reasons people take suppments - by adults, men, women
Top reasons people take suppments – by adults, men, women


Most Popular Types of Supplements / Vitamins

Most Popular Types of Vitamins by Sales
Most Popular Types of Vitamins by Sales


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For more info on Why people take nutritional supplements and vitamins, check out sciencebasedmedicine. for who-takes-dietary-supplements-and-why/ – Who Takes Nutritional / Dietary Supplements / Vitamins and why?



It all starts with a dream. Everything starts with a dream by Nancy Long
Have you ever thought about the question:
Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life?
Is there really a dream I can live out in my life?

Everything in life starts with a dream.

You cannot do it if you cannot imagine it.
So Never stop dreaming, Never stop Imagining.

You are never too old to dream, IMAGINE. What do you see?
Older people have a tendency of not being able to dream big as much as when they were a kid. The lack of presence of a dream is due to a life time of conditioning to think “realistically”. Instead of being realistic, be creative. Look way beyond the possible. Look at the Impossible even. When you are realistic, you rob yourself the power and energy to do great things.

Before you can see from the outside, you must be able to see it in the inside. You got to expand your Inner Vision.

Don't take the easy way out. Everything starts with a dream
Don’t take the easy way out. Everything starts with a dream


When you’ve got a great dream, you will get a great life. Why would you ever want to settle for an easy life when you can get a great life?

Why do you need a big dream? Because a BIG dream will stretch your ability beyond what you thought would be possible.   Life is too short to be small.

Small dreams will give you small breakthroughs. Big dreams, on the other hand, will give you big breakthroughs. Why walk if you can fly?

If your horizon is limited, you cannot see far and you cannot go far.
Explore the possibility of life without limits. To accomplish great things, we must not only Act but also Dream, not only Plan but also Believe in all of life’s infinite possibilities.

Dream the colours of the rainbow. Look for the sunshine. Look up for your stars in the sky. You can’t see your stars under bright lights. Step away from the daily grind. Look for your stars from within. Let your mind illustrate your dreams and manifest itself. Let that which was hidden come out into the light. Let your light shine brightly for all to see.

Don’t be restricted by your shortcomings. Don’t settle for low hanging fruit. Stretch way beyond your imagination and capabilities.

When you have a big dream, your mind will build its sub-conscious character into your life. It will build your Faith, Persistence, Self-Control and Resilience. It will chase the boredom in your life. A dream will wake you up.

A dream is meant to be risky. Risky = Rewards. You have to be strong to take risks. Being fragile means that you want take the easy way out. “Easy” has very little rewards. Walk on the upside. The well travelled road is crowded with people going nowhere.

Everything left on its own will deteriorate by itself. So keep your dream alive by making plans to turn them into action. Some are big steps, some are small steps. Whatever it is, keep on moving ever forward.

A fear of failure stops us from dreaming. The only people who never fail are the people who never tried. TRY!  Failure is not fun – but it is not final either.

A dream can bring out the best in you. It can transform you from inside out.

You are only free if you can dream an amazing dream that can come true.


By Izmael Arkin

  • You’ve always wanted to do this.
  • You’ll experience things you never could have imagined.
  • You will become courageous.
  • You will become an inspiration to those around you.
  • You will realize the incredible things you are capable of doing.
  • You will like yourself more.
  • Life will become beautiful.
  • Your joy and happiness will become contagious.
  • You will connect on a deeper level with the force of the universe.
  • You will smile more.
  • It will give meaning to everything you do.
  • The food will taste better.
  • Every day you will learn new things.
  • Your happiness will show on your face.
  • You will love being around you.

Everything starts with a dream. Everyone needs a dream. So start chasing your dream today. Start focussing on how to achieve your dream. Create a dream program of abundance.


1. Surrender yourself completely to the dream. Spend a quiet time with yourself. Open your mind to unlimited creativity. Listen with your heart. Listen to your sub-Conscious Mind. Only you can forget your dream. Never lose sight of your dream. Post your dream illustrations / dream board where you can see it every day. Question your purpose in life. Hold on to your dream as if your life depends on it.

In your head you have two voices – one with a positive perspective and another with a negative perspective. Turn up the positive voice and turn down the negative one – by re-framing the thought. Example: “I can’t find anyone who is interested in my product” to “There are lots of people interested in my product. Where are they likely to be?”

2. What are your Strengths / Gifts / Passion? And how can I use it? Dreams begin in your heart. Create great value for others and for yourself. Wealth will follow as wealth is the value you create for others. Your inspiring and compelling vision of the future engages your subconscious mind which works millions times faster than your conscious mind. When your subconscious is switched on, you will invent amazing things and gain amazing insights effortlessly.

3. Keep your eyes on your dream team. Keep company with people who will help you hold on to your dream. Who will pull you up when you are down and out. Your support team will help you through obstacles, hardships and pain. Don’t let anyone steal your dream. Your life situation is temporary. Your dream is universal and timeless. Don’t let it die. Keep the fire burning deep inside of you.

When you’ve got your Dream  (your life’s purpose) get to work. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it. Be Unstoppable! It’s your Gift. Start dreaming. Everything starts with a dream. – Everything starts with a dream.